Why the Radical Left “Know” They Will Win in 2024: Shocks TV Host- But Missed the Real Reason

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Rarely do the radical pro-socialist Democrats reveal why they think they are going to win in 2024.

Conservatives in the media don’t understand. Most politicians who are Conservative, Libertarian-leaning, or Christians don’t understand.

Today’s politics are different than what they were 20 years ago.

Obama changed everything. In 2008 and 2012, and it continued to improve in its effectiveness.

A Democrat candidate can hide in the basement. Be physically or mentally unstable to run for office. They can even refuse to debate—And they can still win.

It’s not because of voter fraud, although that’s a problem I often talk about with a number of states.

But it’s an issue of advanced mobilization and marketing strategies combined with Getting Out The Vote (GOTV). The radical Democrats know how to mobilize market segments.

In 2024, they have confidence that they’ll do a better job getting out their supporters than Republicans will.

It’s not about the party. It’s not about incompetence. It’s not about anything but Getting Out The Vote successfully.

Let me give you this example of one of my favorite TV personalities. I’ve been on her show and have great respect for her—Maria Bartiromo.

During a recent interview with Maria, former Obama Democrat campaign strategist Kevin Walling didn’t seem worried—even when Maria went over Biden’s approval ratings on key issues such as:

  • Foreign policy
  • Taxes
  • Economy
  • Immigration
  • And inflation

58-69% disapprove of Biden’s handling of these key policies.

But these facts didn’t even phase Walling, who told Maria that climate change is a major issue for young people (under 40—roughly 21%).

Both Maria and her other guest, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz, couldn’t believe what they were hearing from Walling, who kept telling them it was not a “policy issue” but a “messaging issue.”

The major takeaway from this interview was the lack of understanding by Maria and Chaffetz… And that’s the major problem with the Republican establishment and TV commentators, and why I’ve been saying for years that Republicans are 15 years behind the Democrats in their Get Out The Vote strategies (GOTV), including mobilization, advanced data profiling, digital strategies and more.

The Democrats use very effective data modeling to micro-target their base and independent voters (persuadables), focusing on emotional issues like abortion, gun control, or climate change to identify their key supporters. These hot-button emotional issues fire up their base to donate money, volunteer, and vote.

They know exactly who to target, where to target, and when to target their messaging—all tailored to focus on different ethnic groups and genders.

Maria and Chaffetz were thinking logically about policies—Lowering inflation and getting control of the Southern border, for example.

The Democrat was thinking about market segments—of how they were targeting those who were pro-abortion… those who worried about climate change… those who are horrified of MAGA Republicans… those who want their student loans forgiven… those on welfare… those who are Black, Latino, or Hispanic—In other words, micro-targeting an audience and having campaigns that focus only on what those voting blocs are interested in… ones that are highly emotional issues that will produce votes, volunteers and donations.

When Vice President Harris was asked how she felt about Biden and Trump being neck and neck in the polls on 60 Minutes, she smiled and said, “Biden is going to win.”

What does she know that we don’t?

She knew that the Democrats were organized and that polls were irrelevant. Biden could be bedridden. Harris could be on vacation, and they will win.

Maria and Chaffetz got it wrong, and the Republican party gets it wrong.

It’s only when Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians understand that they have to mobilize and do a better job than Democrats before they will win.

Click HERE to watch the clip of Maria and Chaffetz in a heated exchange with Walling.

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  1. Craig – a very insightful and enlightening article…thank you! I believe you’re largely spot-on with your assessment of the basic problem of the Republican party apparatus and conservative, Christian voters. BUT what do we/I practically DO about this? WHO are the key groups or leaders within the Republican Party who can effectively begin to counter (or duplicate) the Get Out The Vote strategy that’s been so successful for Democratic Party members? The challenge seems so overwhelming.

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