Caution: Court Ruling Allows Google and YouTube to Restrict conservative content throughout the 2020 election period.

Warning: Court Says Google and YouTube Can Censor Conservative Content During the 2020 Election Cycle

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You may have trouble finding conservative content on the internet during the spring and summer months leading up to the November election.


Because a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that YouTube – owned by Google – can censor any content it doesn’t like.

This means Google can do the same thing.


Because it’s a private forum – and therefore not bound by the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech.

PragerU – a nonprofit organization that creates short videos on political, economic and philosophical topics – had filed a lawsuit against YouTube, accusing it of ideologically-driven discrimination after some of its videos were blocked or restricted for mature audiences.

But the court dismissed the lawsuit … noting that YouTube is a private forum and therefore doesn’t have to publish conservative content with which it disagrees. What do you think? Do you agree with the court? Email me at

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  1. Someone should ask the court: If Google, or any private concern, wanted to restrict pro-LGBTQ speech, are they okay with that?

  2. Someone should ask the court: If Google, or any private forum, wanted to restrict pro-LGBTQ speech, are they okay with that?

  3. And now the persecution of Christians begins in ernest… For if one social media platform stifles you, eventually they all will. It’s okay to say whatever, if you’re left, but not if you’re Right!

    1. It’s not just Google, it’s also Apple. It’s a clear agenda by the Left to shape public opinion. YouTube also delete people’s comments…and it has nothing to do with bullying or profanity.

  4. Unfortunately for us Christians, conservatives and other right minded people, businesses have the right to control content within their business. Definitely not fair to us. What we need are sites created by and run by conservatives.
    We do have some, Red State, TownHall, Conservapedia, just to name a few.

  5. Are they going to appeal this decision? It should be, we can’t just give up after the first decision. I thought we had gotten more constitutional judges in the courts. Why can’t we get at least a few of them to put nationwide injunctions on some of the egregious rulings?

  6. google should not be so large that they can get away with these biased policies. Maybe more conservatives should intentionally start to boycott Google and youtube.

    If YouTube/Google can discriminate like this, then what is to keep the networks from doing it?

  8. The suggestion to have Conservative, Christian Patriots of the USA create a new internet platform to counter, Google, Facebook and Twitter is the only near term means to get our voices heard. There are ~74 Million instant Customers for these services. Certainly a young Entrepreneur could create a successful business plan for doing this. .. In the nearer term, Boycotting these people is a must!

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