Voter Fraud? Did it Happen? What is the Truth?

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I gave several interviews about voter fraud and the 2020 election.

1. The Exceptional Conservative

  • Ken McClenton drills me about the election results and integrity in this election. You can watch down below.

2. The Hard Question Broadcast.

  • BQ – Blanqita Cullum-asks me some hard questions about the election. You’ll learn about mail-in ballots and voter rights.

You can listen to it here.

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  1. I definitely believe fraud on a large scale took place. Americans had better wake up, our country is beginning to look like third world countries what with the riots in our streets (being virtually ignored), fraud at the polls, no respect for law or law enforcement, unbelievable laws being passed, and now our personal lives being controlled. Wow, this is all very scary!!!!

  2. I talked to people who said that placed the ballot and when checking the results, it was different. Then tried again, same result. Then the election worker assistance was asked. The worker was immediately stating that it is impossible. Then election worker tried to help and eventually declared that machine is broken suggesting that another machine is to be used. Right before leaving, this person noticed that other voters are using “broken” machine… No, I guess like thise spokes person of Venezuelan notoriety voting machine spokesperson said, election could not be rigged…

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