Doctor Speaks Out: Open the Schools Now with No Masks! 4 Key Points the Media is Suppressing [Video]

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Dr. Mark McDonald, a Child Psychiatrist, took part in the “Open the Schools” rally.

McDonald believes that it is critical to get students back to school now.

He says, “The problem is not coronavirus. It is the response to the virus.”

Here are his 4 key points the media is suppressing:

1. Low death risk. Death rates in the pediatric population from the seasonal flu exceed the number of deaths from coronavirus.

The CDC Director announced this recently.

2. Suicide spike. Suicides have increased 25% among kids since this time last year.

Suicidal thoughts have doubled.

3. Depression spike. Depression has increased 400 times within the last year among the pediatric population.

4. Medical solutions are available. Hydroxychloroquine was considered to be a safe and effective medicine for people throughout the world for 65 years.

Originally it was developed from tree bark to protect against malaria.

It is a World Health Organization-mandated medication used around the world to prevent malaria.

In Africa, it has been sold as an over-the-counter supplement.

In the United States, it has been used to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

I personally know people who are alive because of it.

Also, Gilead Pharmaceuticals released a new drug called Remdesivir that reduced the average hospital stay for those with coronavirus to 3-4 days.

And new vaccinations soon will be ready to be distributed.

McDonald argues that if all Americans had access to hydroxychloroquine, the pandemic would end within 30 days.

McDonald was silenced by Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for his views.

Watch the video below.

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    1. If you’re trusting the FDA to keep you safe, you’re sadly mistaken. They have approved all manner of really harmful stuff that’s in our foods and vaccines. Doctors who have used HCQ during the China virus time, have found it works remarkably well and prevents hospitalizations. I believe that this doctor is smarter than anyone at the FDA!

  1. Why resist the option of
    All people should have that option, easily available.
    It does save lives and it can’t hurt.
    It’s more dangerous to not have it.
    It’s probably safer than a vaccine.

  2. Most defintely, they DO NOT want peope to get well! They would prefer a hgh death rate or one that indicates many people have been put in danger. And, of course, acording to the media, Trump rallies spread COVID 19 a lot, but riots and angry protests are okay! Gong to Walmart is okay, but church is not. Of ourse, you know that. They probably understand that this is germ warfare, deliberately introduced as China’s bid to take over the world as the #1 super power. Children are very vulnerable to accept what their parents say and thy are being fooled. Stats tell a different truth than what the media is feeding us.

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