“My Vote Doesn’t Matter”: The #1 Lie of 2016?

“My Vote Doesn’t Matter”: The #1 Lie of 2016?

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I have been bombarded with letters from readers:

“My vote doesn’t count. What’s one vote?

“I live in (California, New York, Oregon etc.), and the state will go liberal Democratic no matter what

“I know Hillary Clinton is going to win, so what’s the point.”


Here are three reasons why you need to vote in this election, even if it looks like your state will go for Hillary Clinton:

  1. This election season has been one of the most wild and unpredictable in recent memory.

Traditionally blue (Democratic) and red (Republican) states have shown recent polling that they could swing the other way.

Michigan and Minnesota—blue states which have not gone for a Republican since 1988 and 1972 respectively—are now a dead heat. Donald Trump is campaigning in Michigan. Mike Pence is campaigning in Minnesota.

Georgia and Texas, reliably red states for decades, are now incredibly close. Hillary Clinton has been buying ads in these states.

In 2012, the difference of 350,000 votes in four key states gave President Obama the election.

Let’s not forget Virginia’s US Senate race in 2014. The US Republican nominee ended up within less than 1% of winning the election against the Democratic incumbent, despite months of polling which showed the Republican losing by double-digit margins. That same year, in my state assembly district here in Southern California, the Democratic incumbent lostby only 706 votes!

Election 2016 could be a historically close race too.

Your vote counts. Reliable trends in key swing states from the past cannot predict who will win this time.

  1. The legislative races are vital to our well-being in Democratic-leaning states like California or Republican-leaning states like Tennessee.

More attacks on freedom and free enterprise—plus higher taxes and job-killing regulations are coming from state legislatures, not just Washington.

In the last year alone, those readers in California have seen the state legislature pass the following burdensome laws:

  • Higher taxes
  • More regulations
  • More on attacks on businesses and job growth
  • Anti-life, pro-abortion legislation
  • More spending without any entitlement reforms
  • Unprecedented attacks on free speech and religious institutions
  • Anti-family legislation, like “all-gender” single-use bathrooms.

Your vote for state legislators who reflect your values is essential to stopping Big Government tyranny and the loss of our freedoms.


Yes! Every vote counts!

  1. The local races, whether bonds or city boards, and the Propositions, can make or break your state for the worse.

Take California again for example. The once Golden State now has the highest taxes, and an average of 5.5 businesses per week leave the state. That’s an average of 100 jobs leaving the state, too, and leaving young people without prospective employment or a prosperous future.

The state’s infrastructure is crumbling, and Sacramento politicians are more interested in listening to the special interests than doing what is in the public interest. Instead of more bonds and spending, we need laws and lawmakers which respect basic priorities and pay for bare necessities.

Your vote is very important, not just because of the Presidential election, but for all the other issues down ballot. My own assembly race was decided by a slim 706 votes in 2014. 706!

Now more than ever, you need to vote!

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