The Twelve Significant Wrongs of the Obama Administration

The Twelve Great Evils of the Obama Administration

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When you vote November 8th, consider the 12 evil legacies of the Obama Administration.

And vote for the candidate whom you believe will be able to reverse these disasters.

  1. $20 Trillion in national debt (up by $12 trillion in 8 years)
  2. Obamacare—The socialization of medicine in America:
  3. Higher premiums
  4. Higher deductibles
  5. Less choice and competition
  6. The destruction of medical innovation
  7. The end of full-time employment and a part-time job society
  8. The ideological nationalization of education: Common Core and the dumbing down of education
  9. Federal Land Grabs: obstruction of drilling, pipelines, and other energy projects that would lower gas prices and create energy independence.
  10. The war on “climate skeptics” as well as the war on coal because of the EPA’s hyperregulation.
  11. Federal funding for left-wing liberal groups to register more voters (including illegal aliens).
  12. The attacks and undermining of Israel
  13. The rise of ISIS and Islamic terrorism
  14. The Orwellian attacks against religious liberty
  15. A climate of racial hatred and violent disrespect toward the police
  16. The leadership and moral advocacy against God’s institutions, i.e. marriage and the family.
  17. Forcing Christians, nuns, all taxpayers to pay for abortions, promoting gruesome, radical partial-birth abortion.

I started this article with the Top 7 Evils. I ended up with the Top 24. It was very hard for me to pare this list down to 12

As I look at what I have written above, I can’t help but think that Hillary will only expand the Obama legacy.

What other evils should I have listed? Email me at

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  1. Sal Alinsky, would be very proud of his prodigies and his “Rules for Radicals.” Chaos was produced and carried out as he prescribed in that satanic book and as they studied and tried to produce for “Change” in America!

    It is very clear but sad and dis-heartening to see how a country can abandon their moral spiritual code and veer off into selfishness the way America has. But when a light appears at the end of the tunnel that doesn’t adhere to political procedure (the ability to lie and deceive with a straight face) the masses would rather remain in that “dung tunnel” and sup with those who have a past of spiritual dark murderous agendas over a man who clearly has a concern for his country. I don’t care how nuts his comments get or even his “MANLY” (something of a confusion these days) desires are.

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