Voter Fraud: Media Sensation or Reality?

Voter Fraud: Media Hype or Truth? [Video]

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A great deal of debate is going on in the social media, TV, and radio about voter fraud.

Does it happen? Yes.

Is it large? Maybe.

Does it impact an election? Maybe.

In a democratic republic like ours, there should be no—ZERO—voter fraud. And with today’s technology and tools, each secretary of state in the 50 states should have it under control.

But most do not.

Just look at a few of things happening in Election 2016:

  • The Indiana state police raided a left-wing group in their state, which was actively engaging in voter fraud.
  • Dead people are voting in Colorado, California and other states.
  • In a number of states, voters are double-registered, too.
  • Illegal aliens are registering to vote in Virginia and Pennsylvania.
  • Republican poll watchers are getting threatened or turned away.

And voter fraud is getting more sophisticated, too:

  • In Philadelphia and Cleveland Ohio, Republican nominees often win ZERO votes in a large number of precincts, which is a statistically impossibility, considering even the meager GOP vs. Dem registration. This “Zero outcome” for the Republican Presidential candidate occurred in key swing states in 2012, including Nevada and Florida.
  • In Chicago and key counties in Ohio, voting machines automatically switched Republican votes to Democrat.

Check out the video here:

The radical left—many hired by the DNC and Clinton campaigns—have spent over 12 months registering people through ACORN-like (i.e. illicit and in many cases illegal) organizations.

So have the Obamacare exchanges and the DMV.

What is the solution?

  1. Voter ID laws
  2. Better technology
  3. Better methods to check and verify newly-registered voters

What can you do?

  1. Become a poll worker.
  2. Become a poll watcher
  3. Contact the Secretary of State about any irregularities
  4. Demand fair redistricting reforms for legislative seats

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