Whom Should Trump Choose as Secretary of State?

Who Should Trump Pick for Secretary of State? [Poll Results]

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Donald Trump is now the President-Elect!

He has to assemble a strong cabinet to represent, preserve, and protect American interests.

One of the most important nominees is the Secretary of State.

For the past two weeks, we have released a survey asking you the readers to tell us who you would like to see as Secretary of State.

Here are the results:

John Bolton: 41.2%
Rudy Giuliani [WITHDRAWN] 27.1%
David Petraeus 10.6%
U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher 5.5%
Mitt Romney 5.3%

Others wrote in Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz.

What do  you think of the results?

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  1. He choose Rex Tillerson. A business man. The deal maker. Not a politician.
    Just as I expected. Trump always pursues pragmatism before ideology. Trump will calculate everything in his head as usual. He will not open his wallet to anybody until there is something to take. This character will apply to the international relationship.

    For example, he has been a rich man but his charity activities have been so miserable unlike other rich man. According to a media report, Trump hadn’t given any of his own money to his Foundation since 2008. Always funding came from other people, including some of his business associates.

    Yes. He doesn’t understand why he has to treat dinner to someone who is not useful for his interest. That’s his character in short sight. However the situation in international political aspects requires we have to figure out long term view too. Can he consider it? I worry that he will think only his short 4 year period.

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