Russians Hacking Our Election? True or Fake News? [Video]

Russians Hacking Our Election? True or Fake News? [Video]

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The news is all over this.

Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s email servers, then turned over their findings to Wikileaks.

Then the media claim that the Russians also hacked the Republican National Committee, but didn’t release them.

Obama says he is conducting an investigation before he leaves office.

30 days to investigate international hacking?

It will be pure propaganda and speculation, clothed in facts and truth.

The story goes like this

Russia wanted Hillary to lose, and they wanted Trump in the White House because he will do whatever the Kremlin wants!

But what is really going on?

A lot of hearsay, rumors, and gossip.

In 2014, the United States’ energy grid was attacked 79 times by Russian malware.

Media = Lies? (Credit: The Daily Sheeple)

This year, 17 intelligence agencies claim that the Russians hacked our nation’s servers.

In July and then October, The FBI claimed—but did not definitively announce—that the Russians had hacked the DNC email servers. Only afterwards did officials in the Obama Administration claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to influence the election.

The media reports as fact that the Russians hacked into the DNC and exposed their deepest internal emails.

But there is no proof of that.

Further speculation has attempted to tie Donald Trump to Putin directly, from a few kind words about the Russian President to a state dinner which General Michael Flynn had attended with Putin.

The media has continued to signal every wind of rumor about the Russians as documented fact.

But it simply is not true, because nothing has been established with certainty.

Julian Assange has been steadily releasing documents from the Democratic Party leadership, the National Committee, as well as speeches which Clinton had given to bankers and industrial leaders throughout the world.

He has also vehemently denied any involvement or support from the Russian government.

And yet …

CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC have gone after Donald Trump, falsely claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin intervened in the general election to boost Trump.

It’s disgraceful that the mainstream media is spreading opinion, not truth—and yet people still believe it.

Take CNN. The Cable News Network has abandoned any pretense of objectivity in creating a false narrative—Fake News.

Watch this interview on CNN—and the Trump spokesman calling out and demanding that they tell the truth.

About 14 minutes

Click below:

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  1. Well to use a Hiliarious comment, what possible difference does it make. The election is over and if they’d taken cyber security more seriously a long time ago this would be a moot point altogether. The cabal isn’t going to go easily that’s for sure. This just an attempt to keep America divided. Divide and conquer, from Rules for the Radicles, Valery Jaret’s favorite person. There are many use full idiots that unknowingly are doing just that, keeping us a divided nation in order to further their one world agenda.

  2. It’s called “Sour Grapes” or “whine, whine, whine, we didn’t get our way!” The devil is using the device called “divide and conquer” right now. Be on guard against false news or what they are calling “fake news”.

    1. The founder of Wiki Leaks ahs said that this wasn’t the Russians but rather an internal leak. But why should we believe some one who was most likely the only one to not put out false information? Sarcasm intended! The biggest question is why the lame stream media won’t report this and question the establishment. Oh that’s right they are the establishments right arm, including Fox.

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