The “Three Step Plan” On Immigration: What Every American Must Know

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Approximately 1.2 million to 1.8 million illegal immigrants are crossing the Mexican border to live in the United States this year.

80% to 90% of them are from South Central and Central America. The rest are from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

President Biden and his politicalized bureaucracy have created not what some have termed a “crisis” at the border, but a historic, political opportunity in a “three-step plan.”

It’s a plan to transform politics and our culture.

Step #1: Allow as many people into the United States as possible, immediately.

The President has made it easy and is inviting people to illegally enter the U.S.


By dismantling President Trump’s policies on having immigrants stay in Mexico pending their request to enter the United States.

By dismantling Trump’s youth policy – those who are under 21 – to be able to come into the United States freely.

By dismantling Trump’s efforts of creating a border wall, they have created massive opportunities for invasion of the US borders.

It doesn’t matter if they have COVID.

It doesn’t matter if they have skills or work options.

It doesn’t matter if they have relatives here or not.

It doesn’t matter if they are criminals, gang members or from the cartel.

It doesn’t matter if they are terrorists – already two from Yemen have been captured – probably the tip of the iceberg.

They’re coming in.

Some are coming in with some government oversight. Most are coming in with no oversight.

Step #2: Allow immigrants to have a nice hotel room until they are able to get their own shelter. Give them free transport to a location of their choice anywhere in the United States.

As a taxpayer, you are footing a big bill. With your tax money the government is teaching them how to get on welfare, get food stamps, get their stimulus checks, how to get free education, free housing, how to get free medical care and other free government benefits.

Open borders in a free society is a great ideal I like… if there’s no welfare state.

It doesn’t work when taxpayers must pay all the expenses.

This will cost taxpayers billions of dollars to give a free ticket to the millions of newcomers.

And what happens when everything is given? You create dependency upon the government caring for you.

Step #3: The ultimate goal of the “3 Step Plan” is to allow the new immigrants to vote in the next election. How?

The new immigrant is creating a new voting block for the Biden agenda.

Once the new immigrant is shown how to register for Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, food stamps, housing,  and to get a driver’s license at the Department of Motor Vehicles, they will be able to vote.

Once signed up for the DMV, they are automatically registered to vote – unless they purposely say “No, I’m not eligible to vote.”

Now you have a voting block of over a million people dependent upon government and uneducated in American history.

They are unfamiliar with economics and the working of the free enterprise system versus socialism. Most are fleeing socialism, but not realizing it.

The “three step plan” is enabled by community groups, nonprofit groups and community organizers to make sure that they vote right – for more dependency.

They become a powerful way for Biden and his friends to be able to accelerate the transformation of our culture and politics based upon a pro-socialist, anti-religious worldview.

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  1. GOD HELP US !! Only he can.
    I’d put alot of this together, but not to this depth. A lot of this has been going on in California for several years. Now it”s going nationwide. Thank you for all the information that you are giving us.

  2. Satan is so clever. What we must do as Christians is adopt a family or a child, love them, and teach them why our country is worth trying to break into, about how we’ve been blessed by God for being ONE NATION UNDER GOD, and why this current administration is using them to create a country just like the one they were so desperate to flee, a socialist one that is trying to make them dependent on their handouts so they’ll support that evil Satanic empire. We need to fight back using God’s love, which the LEFT thinks is weakness, and lead them to Christ so we’ll all be Raptured together.em2

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