My Controversial Interview: The Evil of a “Vaccine Passport” [Roger Marsh Radio/Podcast Interview]

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I just got off a radio/podcast interview with Roger Marsh on the Bottom Line Show about the “Vaccine Passport.”

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, an Independent or Libertarian, whether you are Christian or some other religion or no religion at all, you should be very concerned about the vaccine passport.

Roger Marsh is one of my favorite radio programs from a Christian worldview. But whatever your perspective, I think you will enjoy the interview.

During the interview I discussed the following:

  • Why is there talk of a ‘vaccine passport’ now? The ‘vaccine passport’ will force everyone to get a vaccine – whether they want to or not. A “passport vaccine” will take away our freedom of choice and our individual liberty.
  • We can find ourselves losing our freedom just to go along with what everyone else is doing.

In the future, it could be that you will not be able to go to a restaurant, sports event, concert, church or museum without a ‘vaccine passport.’

The government may make it so that people who are not being obedient to the government passport requirement will be put into a marginalized part of society – basically locked into their homes and treated like second class citizens.

  • The vaccine passports are the rise of statism – our society is built upon the principles of individual freedom – we have inalienable rights that are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have freedom, not statism.

All governments throughout time have been statist and oppressive – if you look at North Korea, China, etc., they are government-controlled societies where the government tells people what to do.

Statism is when the elite bureaucrats are making primary decisions for you and telling you how to live your life.

The World Economic Forum has been a large proponent of a ‘vaccine passport’ – and socialism.

The World Economic Forum includes government and business leaders or the “world’s elite” – this group wants to see giant corporations grow.

They have recommended a software program be used worldwide, and if you use the software, then you would get “certain privileges.”

This is a giant step towards socialism.

The ‘vaccine passport’ is a major step in doing away with freedom and promoting a socialist society  – and we must stand against it.

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  1. Call or write your Congressional representatives, let them know you are against this. It is unconstitutional and many of the vaccines are not well vetted, unsafe and have dangerous ingredients. Also, other medication have healed covid like the hcq, Z pac etc. regimen. (Re-member how quick-ly President Trump recovered with the meds given to him.)

  2. I am grateful you stay up to date on these matters. How fast will they pass this? Praying we can hold this mandate off for at least two years, to see what effects the vaccine has on our population of guinea pigs- my own family willingly included. 🙁

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