Political Activists Ignite Firestorm: How Baseball, Corporations and Companies are Caving to a False Narrative by a Small Minority – the Illusion of Being the Majority

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Across America, sports and corporations have joined celebrities in becoming politicized. 

Major League Baseball is moving its All-Star game out of Atlanta – because of partisan politics.

Delta, Coca-Cola and other companies are stepping up partisan political activity.

The best thing for them – and America – is to be neutral and serve everyone.

The politicization is no accident.

It is purposeful and coordinated. It’s organized, and quite frankly, results in an evil false narrative.

The target is growing. First it was Georgia. Then Texas. More to come.

More politicized boycotts will continue if this doesn’t stop.

Moving baseball out of Atlanta…threatening corporate actions of moving out of a state or not giving political donations…is the result of a small political minority giving the illusion of being bigger than it really is.

Here are seven things you should know:

1. States across the U.S. are making efforts to avoid voter fraud in the future and create greater transparency and trust in the elections.

It’s an awesome move across the United States in trying to have election integrity.

Based upon areas of potential and proven fraud, states are strengthening their laws to make sure that there are things such as voter ID and more transparency in verifying legitimate ballots and voter registration.

The radical, pro-socialist, anti-religious groups that have been trained in ballot harvesting and community organization hate it because it restricts what they can do and avoids fraud for those who want to perpetuate it.

Thus, what they have done is spread lies that it’s voter suppression…

Spread lies that its legislation is aimed at blacks and other minorities and is racist…

It spreads lies that it is unreasonable laws and regulations…

Nothing could be further from the truth.

These new rules in Georgia, Texas and other states are a major positive step in making sure the 2022 election is truthful and honest.

It’s a terrible thing that people are using lies and distortions of truth because the election integrity is the bottom line for our Republic.

2. The Illusion Machine: What has happened is that change.org, moveon.org, and other organizations have coordinated a well-funded, well-organized social media effort to:

  1. Mobilize people to sign petitions.
  2. Flood company presidents, board members, and influencers with thousands of phone calls.
  3. Identify and do a coordinated campaign to employees of the companies.
  4. Activate unions within the companies to protest.

This creates the impression of a groundswell of millions of people – for or opposed to a particular issue.

In this case, Coca-Cola, Delta, American Airlines – these different companies have huge numbers of people flooding the target company’s leaders by putting pressure on management and the CEOs.

Further, many of the CEOs themselves are caught up in the European pro-socialist scenario. The Coca-Cola Chairman is from the United Kingdom and doesn’t even live in the U.S.

3. The media, politicians and Big Tech are in collusion in this fight.

It’s sad that across America, the media narrative that people have is so distorted from reality.

For example, most blacks don’t mind if they have to do voter ID any more than whites or Asians, or anyone else.

Indeed, it’s an insult to keep saying blacks can’t produce an ID.

It’s common – whether you are getting a driver’s license, whether you’re paying a utility bill, whether you’re getting on an airplane, whether you’re getting a vaccine – you show your ID.

An ID is the only way to verify one person, one vote. Without an ID voter integrity is destroyed.

4. Who is harmed by baseball moving out of Atlanta, Georgia?

The head of the baseball association has decided to move the All-Star Game out of Georgia.

Who is hurt? The small-business person and their employees.

Thousands and thousands of people are being harmed financially by this move.

Atlanta could lose a hundred million dollars.

It does nothing to harm the CEO and the companies that are involved. They’re immune to it. It’s the average person that’s harmed.

Many are saying they’re doing this to protect the black vote. Give me a break. That’s not true. But who is hurt most by this economic boycott?

It’s the blacks in Atlanta.

That’s why even Stacey Abrams is opposed to the MLB boycott.

It’s time to fight back against this insanity.

It’s time to stand up for truth.  

What do you think? Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. The general public can boycott MLB by staying home, whether on one day a week or by a total boycott. The original American Boycott was in 1774, the Fairfax Resolves by George Washington and George Mason. First British goods and six months later stop American Goods to Britain. After five months Lexington and Concord Occurred.
    Leonard Friedman

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