The Christian Vote, Ballot Harvesting and Caitlyn Jenner – My Explosive Interview with Sharron Angle [Video]

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I just got off my tv/podcast interview with Governor Sharron Angle.

You watch the interview HERE.

Some of the key highlights included:

The Recall and Caitlyn Jenner 

  • Over two million people signed a petition to recall the governor of California
  • This governor has had the biggest failure in lockdowns, he has closed businesses forever, and has attacked churches
  • He has turned California into a very oppressive state
  • Newsom will more than likely spend about $100 million dollars in this election to hold onto office – but a candidate doesn’t need that much to win this election
  • There are two questions on the ballot in a recall election and two questions will be asked – the first question asks if the governor should be recalled and the second question asks you what candidate you want to vote for
  • There might be 100 candidates on the ballot in this election
  • In 2003, 55% of the people said they wanted to have a recall – this is when Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to get 48% of the vote to win the election
  • In a recall election, you could still win the election with a small percentage of the votes
  • In this election you have porn stars, movie stars, singers…you have everyone
  • People that are supporting the recall are labeled as “haters” or “white supremacists” or “racists”
  • Yet these supporters are often average people that have had enough of the Socialist politics and oppressive tactics
  • Caitlyn Jenner has a lot of media attention and free publicity – just like Trump had when he ran for President and the cameras love to cover her
  • Caitlyn has many conservative views – but one of her main campaign issues  is wanting to make transgenders people acceptable
  • And ballot harvesting – with ballot harvesting, the Democrats have trained people how to be effective and to be able to identify voters and be able to get them to the polls
  • Volunteers offer to take people’s ballots to the poll – Republicans are usually 20 years behind Democrats in how to market and advertise
  • Ballot harvesting can transform an election – but this takes organization
  • There were about 40-50 churches that were aggressive in ballot harvesting the last election – and another 100 other churches that put a box out for people to use to drop-off their own individual ballots
  • Today 33 states outlawed ballot harvesting

Click HERE to listen to this interview.

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  1. As far as I am concerned, He is a male. I refuse to call him a her, I will not vote for him and I will not vote for any fake Republican. California is finished. I am trying to leave whenIi have been able to get rid of many of my possessionsI don’t care how many conservative positions he has I will not vote for him.

    I am very disgusted with all of the Republicans who have voted to make Juneteenth a national holiday. The Republicans no longer care about us true Conservatives. They are becoming Democrat Lite.
    I appreciate you letting me sound off. I think you are great. Maureen Nesbitt

  2. Larry Elder is thinking about running. Now that is a person I can support. Please encourage him how ever you can.

  3. I well remember the 2003 recall. California was laughing stock for the rest of the country. I pray a true Republican comes forward and wins. I wish I could move also but hard to leave family and great weather.

  4. We are voting for Kevin Kiley. He will not accept any special interest money. Kevin Kiley has experience fighting Newsom in court and winning.

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