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The Coercive Power of Government [Interview with Craig]

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I just got off the airwaves with Pat Miller where we talk about how the coercive power of government is impacting you and your family.

You can listen to it here. It’s about 7-minutes long. Click HERE.

Here are a few things we discussed:

  • A dangerous bill: H.R. 1 federalizes elections in America – it takes away the states’ rights and removes voter protection
  • Instead of having decentralization in government to protect individual liberty and freedom, this bill is part of an entire movement to socialize America
  • This idea of the federal government doing everything for people is economically insane and dangerous to freedom
  • The brilliant thing about America is that we have local and state governments that are in place
  • Today bureaucrats are ideologically-driven and want to transform our society like never before
  • Inflation! Right now prices are rising every month – this is due to overspending by the Federal Reserve and government overspending

Our government is causing inflation which is resulting in a decrease in the value of the dollar

  • My book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know, discusses the worst examples of the concentration of power – President Reagan spoke about this and was proven right

This interview is about 7-minutes long. Click HERE to listen.

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