… and Finally… Remembering Two Very Different Presidential Christmas Addresses

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Here is President Ronald Reagan’s first Christmas address from 1981 (about 4 minutes). And here is President Barack Obama’s Christmas address from 2015 – his last Christmas message before the 2016 presidential election surprise (about 3 minutes). President Obama’s message focused on family traditions and paid only passing lip service to the birth of Jesus… President Reagan’s message focused on …

They Called Me a Fascist! What Does That Mean?

They Called Me a Fascist! What Does That Mean?

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When liberals lose the argument, they resort to name-calling. I am sure it’s happened to you before. One of their favorite lines is “You’re a fascist!” That word defines someone who supports fascism. So, what is fascism? The media loves to equate fascism with capitalism or American conservatism. It’s not.   Fascism is: a political ideology which exalts government above …