… and Finally… Remembering Two Very Different Presidential Christmas Addresses

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Here is President Ronald Reagan’s first Christmas address from 1981 (about 4 minutes).

And here is President Barack Obama’s Christmas address from 2015 – his last Christmas message before the 2016 presidential election surprise (about 3 minutes).

President Obama’s message focused on family traditions and paid only passing lip service to the birth of Jesus…

President Reagan’s message focused on the wonder of the first Christmas … and why the Son of God – the Prince of Peace – chose to come into the world as a helpless baby. His entire message was Christ-centered … and emphasized the importance of trusting in God.

What other similarities or differences did you notice in the two Christmas messages?

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  1. While President Reagan expressed the wonder of God’s promise realized, in Christ, and i WHO He is…


    President Obama’s tepid “joy” about the “values” Jesus lived, as “acts of kindness”…totally missing the very Person of Jesus & WHO He IS… not simply what He “stood for.”

    The Obamas “support” of our troops was also made light of by, (…whether you win a snowball fight, or loose one…), “Let’s also take time to pay tribute to those who have given our country so much”(!!!); not, “defended, protected, or sacrificed”…but we should acknowledge those who serve(d) because of what they “give” to our country.

    There just NO comparison, in dignity, depth of gratitude, nor deep understanding of our country & what we hold dear…AND our need to trust God, as opposed to “celebrating this season, BUT NOT JUST AS CHRISTIANS, but as Americans of all faiths…of course not wanting to marginalize those of other faiths (PC, baloney, as always).

    Their phoniness has always made my stomach turn and total lack of understanding of true American VALUES.

    I hope you & your family, enJOYed a very Blessed Christmas and God’s BEST…now & always…
    Thanks for letting me vent, Craig!

    Margie Johnson

  2. God bless you for telling the truth. You are a watchman and it is not a thankful job. Our son was also. Everything he told us is coming true now. Stand strong, you are in our prayers for protection. God is in control and He will hear the prayers of His people .

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