They Called Me a Fascist! What Does That Mean?

They Called Me a Fascist! What Does That Mean?

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When liberals lose the argument, they resort to name-calling.

I am sure it’s happened to you before.

One of their favorite lines is “You’re a fascist!”

That word defines someone who supports fascism.

So, what is fascism?

The media loves to equate fascism with capitalism or American conservatism.

It’s not.


Fascism is:

  • a political ideology which exalts government above God-given freedom
  • centralized, autocratic government
  • dominant leadership by a dictator
  • severe economic and social regulation by big government and bureaucracy
  • Widespread, forced suppression of free speech and dissent

The ultimate outcome of the fascism’s statist and collective core is a “Big Brother” government that suppresses freedom, including freedom of speech and dissent.

So the next time someone calls you a “fascist” because you do not support liberal policies or the Obama Administration, just ask them to explain the following:

  1. Obama has expanded the power of the government over the individual—deficit spending, Obamacare, higher taxes, and more regulations.
  2. Obama and Clinton are advocates for concentrating more power to the federal government—Obamacare, TSA, militarization of the police, warrantless searches, suing individual states for securing the border?
  3. Obama routinely ignores Congress, goes around the legislative process, and issues executive orders to enact policy, centralizing power in the executive branch.
  4. President Obama is shoving social liberalism—anti-Christian discrimination—down everyone’s throats, conforming beliefs to one ideology.
  5. He has repeatedly denied public records requests, while attacking key news outlets, wiretapping journalists, and seizing their phone records. Let’s not forget that the IRS was targeting conservative groups and churches over their tax-exemption status. He is also turning over the Internet over to bureaucrats with the Federal Communications Commission. (FCC)

Does fascism better describe President Obama?

With all of this in mind, doesn’t this record of government expansion and abuse make Obama a fascist?

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      1. The government is imposing fascism on America. It controls the levers of power and controls business directly or indirectly with severe regulation and taxation.

        1. Government controls, regulations, etc. are observable. Thus, they can, and hopefully will be mitigated by Trump’s administration. However, a worse form of government exists. It is called crony-capitalism. It is worse because it is invariably a sophisticated, ulterior conspiracy that is so difficult to uncover, made known to the public, and be prosecuted. This is what keeps the unscrupulous in office—with the huge sums of money in play to ensure the partnership is perpetuated. I’m sure many are shaking in their boots after seeing Trump coming into office and the extraordinary, highly talented staff he has picked.

          1. crony-capitalism, jeez, the definition of this phrase has changed and re-changed over the years. But in essence you are completely right about the power base of elites that run the any thing but federal ” Federal Reserve” and the monetary system of the WORLD.It’s all about the money, and any legislation that the common person can’t understand you can bet is drafted and passed to please and embellish their bank accounts at the expense of us surfs. As a Christian I would remind all that God says to have a godly civil government. That means that yes the pulpit must be engaged politically.

          2. I wish we could talk more about politics from the pulpit, however, my church (LDS) will not allow this. When you think about it, this is both good and bad. Good because some might be offended, but bad because our government was founded on “Christian” principles—therefore there is a Constitutional connection which should not be infringed upon. This does not mean we members don’t participate in politics. To the contrary, we are very engaged—especially when “moral” issues are at stake; specifically, as with prop. 8 for example. We provided a huge amount of volunteer effort to oppose it. And, took a lot of flack for that effort, as you may recall—including physical threats to those members who donated heavily to the cause—then had their names published by the newspapers. As far as the Fed., I did a lot of research on it for a book I wrote. I believe it to be the best system ever devised to control the economy, which when left to the free market endured several Depressions since our Founding—some much worse than our “Great Depression”. Don’t be misled by people like Ron Paul, and some others with agendas. Remember, he said it’s perfectly alright for Iran and North Korea—two countries ran by people who are definitely “certifiable”, to have nuclear weapons for self defense. The ability to monetize the system and pull money back, is the perfect way to take control out of the hands of the “big money” people. The idea that the Fed. is controlling the bank’s ‘interest rate’ is only partially true. The banks are always going to make their 3% average margin, regardless of what the Fed. rate is. Why would the average person want the Fed. to raise their rate (except as a last resort to control the economy)? Thinking the banks would then raise their rate, and provide higher interest on money depositors have in the bank does nothing but increase inflation; and, nobody benefits from inflation. Look at what we went through prior to Reagan’s term when interest was around 14% or more. Nobody makes money putting it in a bank.

      2. America is not fascist, just the government. We, the vast, huge silent majority do not believe in fascism. But most people will not speak up and be heard, for fear of reprisals and arguments. I, on the other hand, am NOT afraid to stand up and say, “NO!”, even if others tell me to be quiet. I WILL NOT BE SILENT.

        1. That’s the way I am. There needs to be more who will stick up for our principles. It’s always the loud mouth idiots who seem to be in the majority because they are so visible—and LOUD! And—very stupid.

  1. I love the description of Fascism. It perfectly defines the Obama administration—less the S.S. You are absolutely right about the Left acting like spoiled little kids—and, calling us names because they cannot offer a rational argument. Just look at the types of people associated with the Democrat Party today—they act like a bunch of Neanderthals—jumping on top of cars, burning their own cities and homes. Now, (those who actually work) have to pay more in taxes to cover the costs of their idiotic actions. It is incomprehensible, the difference between the Democratic Party today, and FDR’s time. My entire family were Democrats then; Now, it is absolutely disgusting.

    1. You’re giving neanderthals a bad name! They are criminal thugs. The main cause is lack of good parenting which includes discipline, and then lousy schooling. That’s what turns out teenage and 20something jerks. I have the same problem with one of my wife’s sons. I would have sent him to military school to learn REAL DISCIPLINE AND MANNERS.

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all—just to the vast amount of the “high profile, stupid morons we see today. The problem is too many today have lived with “excess” all their lives. They never even had to take out the trash or mow the lawn. Then they go to school and be taught by another moron with a PhD. , and their same situation peers, who never worked at a real job in their life, tell them the “real world” is wrong and “Social Justice” and “everyone gets the same grade” is the new world order. Then, they can’t figure it out why they can’t get a job upon graduation—they don’t have a great need for people with degrees in Chinese Literature. Also, I used to think we had more than enough “Psychology” majors. But, then, when the schools have to bring in a dozen Psychologists every time they have something less than a perfect day, I have to wonder: How will those kids ever learn to cope with all the tragedies they will encounter in life. It is both a disservice to the poor pampered kids, and a waste of taxpayer money.

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