Crisis at the Southern Border: Tears, Emotion, and Truth: 7 Things Every American Should Know [Video]

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As Americans, we must stand on high moral ground. When we see wrong, we must expose it with the truth. When falsehood is spread, truth must be articulated. When the government does wrong, people of conscience must stand and proclaim what is right. It’s not Republican. It’s not Democrat. It’s what is right. The confusion that exists over what is …

Trump’s Women’s March #2: For Life [Video]

Trump’s Women’s March #2: For Life [Video]

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The last 12 years have seen an expansion of pro-abortion policies. But now, with the Trump Administration, there is renewed hope for the Pro-Life Movement. On Friday, hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington DC for the 44th March for Life. President Trump tweeted: The #MarchForLife is so important. To all of you marching — you have my full support! — …