Trump’s Women’s March #2: For Life [Video]

Trump’s Women’s March #2: For Life [Video]

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The last 12 years have seen an expansion of pro-abortion policies.

But now, with the Trump Administration, there is renewed hope for the Pro-Life Movement.

On Friday, hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington DC for the 44th March for Life.

President Trump tweeted:

What’s more, this March for Life featured a Vice-President speaking at the event for the first time!

Check out Vice-President Mike Pence’s speech here:

Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT) also attended, telling the crowds that her parents almost aborted her, but chose life.

The crowds this year rivaled the March for Life parade in 2016. AS terrible blizzard discouraged many from attending. In 2017 600,000 people attended.


Donald Trump also faulted the media for spending more time cover the Women’s Marches across the country, which promoted abortion, transgenderism, and vulgar phrases, but ignored the March for Life.

In fact, the Women’s Marches received 129 times more coverage than the pro-life demonstrations!

In my newsletter for Christians (Reality Alert), I listed the latest executive actions and legislative effort s to save the unborn and stop forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions that violate their conscience and religious beliefs. See article here.

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  1. I’ve watched several interviews with these morons, and when asked what they are protesting, they can’t even come up with a reason. “Duuu—somebody said it was a good idea—and, I’m here to support whoever said it”. A lot of people need a hobby. Add up their I.Q.s and you still don’t get 120.

  2. What a contrast between the two marches. . . . .

    The pro-choice voicing anger and hate vs
    The pro-life suggesting love and compassion.

    Thank you, Lord, for the thousands of marchers who showed your love and compassion by their words and actions.

    1. I don’t know how it happened, but California is a lost cause. When Brown is out, he will be replaced by one of three candidates just as bad. The baby killing; marry anything; anti-gun; anti-anything ethical or Constitutional; anti-anything decent and God like people have taken over this State. Most right thinking people I have talked to are planning to sign the proposed “Secession Petition” and hope it goes through. Then, we all plan on leaving this State to the morons who like the way it is being run. We will move to places like Arizona, Utah or Texas, etc., where there is still a semblance of sanity. Besides, California is going to drop off into the ocean with the next “Big One”; Then, Arizona will have a lot of beach front property.

      1. Although I got a chuckle at the above comment by Wayne regarding Ocean front property, I encourage us all who live in California and that are in Christ, to remember just that. We are in Christ and therefore called to be Ambassadors for Christ, so we need to have the mind of Christ and vote accordingly regarding the “Secession Petition”. There is a strong deception going on in our state, and we need to stay in the battle and vote accordingly while we have the opportunity. Remember God says if His people will return to Him…, and God holds the King’s heart in His hand and turns it anyway He chooses.

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