Should Government Run Schools be Shut Down for Good? [Video]

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In many states, government run schools are opening.

In other states, like California, they are not.

Before this pandemic, the government run or “public” school systems failed students.

They had failed to teach.

They had failed to train.

They had failed the kids, parents, and taxpayers.

Before the pandemic, those students who were in charter schools, who were in private schools, who were in Christian schools, who were home schooled excelled and blossomed.

Most government school systems, especially in the inner city and low-income areas hurt the kids with failure to have discipline, failure to motivate, and failure to encourage the kids to excel.

My wife has been a teacher in the public or government run schools for over 15-years.

Before the pandemic she said 15-25% of teachers in any public school district should be fired because they are incompetent, burnt out, lazy, and for other reasons should not be in those positions.

But because of tenure and unions, a less than good teacher is almost never let go.

Even the bad teachers…predators…never get fired – just reassigned.

This is not the case in charter schools, private schools, Christian schools, or home schools.

The government schools have not only failed to prepare the kids for the real world, they have also failed those who want to attend college or ability to learn a professional trade. They have also failed those who want to understand and take personal responsibility and accountability for their future.

They wanted to turn the kids into socialists….and ignored true American history.

When I taught high school, I taught Asian History and Economics.

During that time, I noticed that what I taught was contrary to what the norm was for other teachers and classrooms. Around 80%of all teachers used their teaching position to teach an ideology of collectivism and statism.

There goal was to propagate the kids to political socialist activists. Not educate.

History was not taught.

Economics was not taught.

I thought you would be interested in seeing this video of two teachers bragging on how they do not teach from any type of curriculum. Instead they teach ideology. [Watch the video here]

These are the same type of teachers who taught my kids.

Not truth.

Not reality.

But ideology.

If the unions cannot be changed and if the tenure laws cannot be changed. If the type of ideologically driven teachers infiltrating the public schools cannot be changed, then it is time for taxpayers to not pay for the outcome.

If the teachers’ union refuse to open the public schools, then let the money go to a program of school choice.

It is time for taxpayers to defund the government run public-school system. It is time for parental choice.

And, it is time for parents to take responsibility. That is why it is so important to have school choice. Let them choose a public, private, Christian or home school.

During an election year, it is so important to vote for only those candidates who believe in school choice and ensure parents have the right to choose a school for their kids to gain the best education possible.

This election will be the election of the civil rights issue of the decade…school choice.

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  1. My involvement in public education is extensive. First, the education system is not designed to “serve” a diverse student body. The elites have students thinking only preparing for college is the answer to success in the future. There is no options given. There is no longer wood shop, metal shop and other vocational disciplines taught. Curriculum is limited and obsolete. I was reprimanded for teaching truth and the total lack if discipline in classrooms across the country makes real teaching impossible. There is too much administration and the social justice industrial complex philosophy just produces students who truly believe they are entitled to- everything. There is no objective body to determine whether a school is being productive. There is no debate. When it comes to discipline, the teachers fear the principals, the principals fear the administration, the administration fear the parents and the students fear no one.

  2. I would agree, government schools do not deserve our children. Although many teachers and administrators have great intentions; the unions, state legislation and mandates are horrible. Many years ago I served on our local school board and when I saw what was coming down the pike from our state I pulled my children out and they homeschooled. It was a scary decision at the time that really has reaped many benefits. If your eyes have been opened to what is taking place in public education I would encourage you to do all you can to protect your children.

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