Rand Paul and Others Face Beating and Death by Ideologically-Driven Mob [Must See Video]

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They yelled…hate.

They yelled…bigots.

They spit, threw things and intimidated. Here is what happened.

At the end of President Trump’s White House acceptance of his nomination for president, invited guests and congressional leaders left the White House. Little did they know, there was an organized, well-financed group of people designed to harass, agitate, and create chaos.

The police were overwhelmed.

One of those at the event was Senator Rand Paul and his wife.

This never should have happened.

The Democrat-Socialist mayors across America have failed….including the major of Washington D.C.

Their broken ideology does not work.

Watch Senator Rand Paul as he explains what happened to him, the terror he felt, and what he suggests should be done about it.

Remember…Rand Paul escaped harm from the crazed shooter at a baseball game trying to assassinate conservatives. He was beaten, ribs broken and hospitalized by a crazed neighbor…now this.

Watch this 9-minute video.

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  1. Our forefathers faught for us to be free. We can not allow subversive take over if our nation and our freedoms. Living in fear is not living, allowing these tyrants to destroy our country is turning this wonderful country into 3rd world destruction.

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