Political Corruption: Schools Become Political/Ideological Training Camps

Political Corruption: Schools Become Political/Ideological Training Camps

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Kids are supposed to get an education in public schools.

Instead, they are getting an “indoctrination.”

They are learning to hate this country.

They are learning to see the government as the answer to all their problems.

They are not learning history, economics, English, and math. They are being taught political lies and political activism.

  1. Elementary, middle school, high school, community colleges and four-year universities—all are controlled by the teachers’ unions.

They are the most active in political donations and activism in the nation.

Now they are mobilizing kids to promote liberal political causes.

  1. Instead of teaching the truth about our Founding Fathers and the principles on which our nation is founded, including the United States Constitution, liberal teachers are telling kids that the United States is a hateful, racist, oppressive society.

They also teach students to see themselves as perpetual victims who must fight against authority of every kind.

Teachers on strike (libcom.org)

Teachers on strike (libcom.org)

  1. Special school sessions, protests, and public demonstrations—all are led by teachers, indoctrinated and indoctrinating their students to hate the current system. Teachers are using destructive curricula to make it seem like Donald Trump hates minorities and will deport everyone with an immigrant background—all of which is a lie.

Teachers in K-12 and in college are giving students the right to skip mid-term examinations to grieve the loss of Hillary Clinton and to protest Trump’s election. They are even having “special” counseling sessions.

  1. Today’s teachers preach socialism and attack the free market. They reject capitalism, and they teacher their students to embrace a command-control economy which makes the government larger, while shrinking the power of the individual.

Students also never learn the true history of the future of socialism and communism, which have massacred hundreds of millions of lives and created poverty and true oppression.

  1. Today, teachers no longer focus on raising young people to be educated, but to become political activists for liberals’ pet causes.

Instructors bribe students with higher grades and extra credit to walk precincts, register voters, and to harass citizens and politicians.

  1. And it’s not just teachers. It’s the bloated bureaucracy, administrations, and leaders. Here is a good example with this amazingly transparent and warped interview with the President of Wesleyan College. About 8 minutes.

Powerful and revealing. Click here.



It’s wrong, and your tax money is being used to destroy our kids … and America.

What is the solution to the politicized corruption of our educational system?

  1. Stop the teachers’ unions forced membership and control of our schools.
  2. Allow competition for students with charter schools, private schools, and Christian schools.
  3. School choice with vouchers, tax credits, and more are essential.
  4. End Common Core.

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  1. Just can’t believe that such a man could be a president of a college. Poor students that are enrolled into this college! They will be led even more blinded.

  2. Excellent article. I’ve heard both students and adults say the USA is the “most racist nation in the world”, clearly, they have not traveled much and they have little idea of world events where nations, regions, religions and tribal groups, attempt genocide. I’ve seen students describe tearfully that humans are a blight on the world and have “destroyed the planet”… and seen those teachings (school and some media) evolve into the hate used to justify attacking a presidential candidate and his supporters with accusations of nazism, racism, misogyny, hate, xenophobia (etc.), in spite of seeing the accusers most often those acting in violence, particularly since the election.
    I’ve been told of two students, afraid to go to school, told by their teachers they will be immediately deported (both are citizens of hispanic heritage, terrified becasue they do not speak Spanish) if one candidate is elected, told he hates hispanics by the teacher, complaints to the school were dismissed as “students make things up”.

    It is difficulty to introduce sane and balanced facts to people hypnotized into thinking everything conservative or Christian is violent, repressive and hateful… while violent drug cartels and street gangs, violence and profanity in entertainment, groups that hate and suppress… are “free speech” and diversity
    it is going to be a challenge…

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