Leftist Double Standards: Citizens United

Liberal Hypocrisy: Citizens United

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Election 2016 is over.

Donald Trump won! Hillary Clinton lost.

One of the strangest twists of this campaign?

She ran a campaign pledging to overturn the Citizens United decision.

The 2010 Supreme Court case struck down the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform laws, which had prohibited non-profit groups from forming independent political expenditure PACs to support candidates and causes.

The bigger irony?

Hillary's Hypocrisy on Citizens United (Credit: Public Integrity)

Hillary’s Hypocrisy on Citizens United (Credit: Public Integrity)

This case had challenged the right of the Citizens United group to air a movie critical of Hillary Clinton!

Of course Hillary wanted to stop Citizens United.

And yet, her campaign relied on hundreds of millions of dollars of campaign contributions from independent expenditures promoting her candidacy—which would have been illegal if Citizens United had been reversed.

All of that money did not make the difference, however, as her record and reputation of dishonest and corruption was too overwhelming for voters.

In California, where labor unions and special corporate interests spent millions on liberal candidates, the Democratic state legislature pushed an initiative Prop 59, a non-binding resolution which would call on the United States Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment overturning Citizens United.

The amendment passed, and will do nothing.

It was a total waste of time, having no binding effect on anyone or anything, but merely drove up the Democratic vote on Election Day.

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