Outrageous! Bloated, Excessive, Unfair Government Salaries 

Outrageous! Bloated, Excessive, Unfair Government Salaries 

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Can you imagine any career starting out with a $100,000 minimum wage?

Government employees around the country “earn” that much and more.

In the private sector, workers complete the same job for half the salary.

In Illinois, 50,000 state employees were earning six-figure salaries, costing the state $8 billion. It is very common for public employees to hop around and scoop up more retirement money.

A teacher earns one salary and a pension, then becomes a superintendent of one school district. He retires from that job and becomes a superintendent in another district—earning 3 six-figure pensions!


But California is worse.

A record 220,000 public employees are raking in $100,000 a year to do jobs which cost half that amount in the private sector.

Another list of bloated pension recipients (Credit: Open the Books)

Another list of bloated pension recipients (Credit: Open the Books)

Here are some particularly egregious salaries, pensions, and benefits:

  1. Fremont, CA: Levine Harvey, City Attorney, $419,394
  1. San Francisco, CA: William J. Coaker, Chief Investment Officer, $507,832
  1. Beverly Hills: Aram Chobanian, Art Director, $114,318
  1. Riverside County: Lee Wagner, Assistant Sheriff, $653,025
  1. Sacramento:  Paul Lau, Chief Power Supply and Grid Operator, $301,507
  1. Lawndale: Jose Fernandez, Superintendent: $663,000

These employees cannot be fired, they cannot be disciplined with any severity or accountability.

Even if they are convicted of certain crimes, they still get to keep their millionaire level pensions!

And who’s paying for all of this immense, unjustified transfer of wealth?

You and me, the taxpayers.

But also our kids, who get inferior schools and a substandard education.

And our future, where businesses close up and leave, refusing to pay higher costs for bloated, overpaid pensions and benefits.

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