Obamacare: The End of a Horror Story [Video] 

Obamacare: The Horror Story Comes to An End [Video] 

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Obamacare is the worst law yet forced by Congress.

The government took over 1/6 of the United States economy.

Millions have lost their doctor. Doctors have quit the profession, fed up with the bureaucratic frustrations.

Individual patients could not keep their health insurance.

Private clinics have been forced to close or consolidate.

Waiting times have increased for patients waiting to see a doctor.

Or they are paying double for their premiums.

Businesses are closing or cutting workers.

And now, businesses may have to cut health care benefits altogether because they simply can’t afford it!

There is good news.

Dr. Tom Price, as the Secretary Designate for the Department of Health and Human Services, will lead the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, and bring in free market, pro-patient, pro-doctor reforms.

Obamacare is on a path to destruction.

But we need to make health care great again!

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  1. I have to disagree with your perspective on healthcare—specifically, as to the employer being responsible for providing it to his employees. I have “been there” and understand the need for a good, affordable healthcare system for all. Early on, my career was in aerospace—then after the big layoffs back in the ’70s, and no possibilities for similar employment, I had to start over and went into business for myself. Now, I saw the “real world”—the one which didn’t furnish health insurance, retirement plans, long vacations, etc.
    The whole problem began when FDR had to impose wage and price controls. This was absolutely imperative in order to prevent manufacturers from increasing their costs for war materials i.e. planes, ships, tanks, etc. Obviously, cost increases would have had a very serious effect on being able to fight the war.
    The large employers, wanting to retain their good employees, chose to provide health insurance, along with retirement plans, paid vacations, etc. in-lieu of higher wages. This led to other large, and even medium size employers having to do likewise in order to remain competitive in retaining good help. Very small businesses are obviously at a distinct disadvantage in that they have to pay much higher premiums than large companies; additionally, an individual policy is not only unaffordable, but insurers wouldn’t even accept me because of pre-existing conditions.
    This scenario put small employers such as myself ( having been in the contracting business ) at a distinct disadvantage. Not only could I not afford to furnish health insurance and a multitude of other perks, I surely didn’t have the staff to administer such programs. Millions of small businesses such as mine have an extremely difficult time just staying afloat in very competitive enterprises.
    Fortunately, California came up with a healthcare plan that saved me and many other small businesses. It was very simple: About eight major insurers signed on to an “Exchange”. They agreed to charge the employer the same rate as a large company, and, to accept everyone with no exceptions for pre-existing. The policy was not cheap and there were no subsidies, but, at least it was affordable. This plan was so simple; and I never heard about it in the news media.
    To sum up: We have a very broken healthcare system. It provides care to the wealthy and those working for the government and larger employers, and leaves everyone else without; except of course those without assets who utilize the emergency rooms for all their health needs. In other words—a “Zero Sum” game. I have always said it was partially the fault of the GOP that we wound up with Obamacare. Their refusal to participate in the process of a healthcare plan resulted in the mess we have today.

    1. And I LOVED dingbat Nancy Pelosi’s comment that you have to vote for it to know what’s inside it! What a stupid comment, and she’s STILL walking and breathing and voting? Doesn’t say much for Californians.

      1. Well Nancy, it got voted in—and, I still can’t understand it. However, (and, I am Republican with an open mind to anyone) I don’t recall any “Plan” being submitted by the GOP to counter Obamacare. And, the Tea Party and other right wing radicals have to also be held accountable for what we got. We have a very unfair, broken, inefficient healthcare system that should have been addressed 50 years ago. I have talked to many people from countries having universal healthcare (every other industrialized country) and all have told me they have a very good system with no real problems—contrary to what a lot of people here (with agendas) claim. Invariably, these are people who work for large companies or have a government job, and never have to even think about their healthcare; many not even aware there is a huge problem for millions of others.

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