Solving the Medical Debt Crisis: Government Bureaucracy is Not the Answer [Videos]

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Medical debt is one of the greatest problems facing Americans today… It causes thousands to declare bankruptcy every year. It’s one of the top issues voters are concerned about for the 2020 elections. There are two different philosophical, political, and economic approaches to addressing this problem: 1. The American solution of volunteerism and freedom. This approach believes individuals and the …

Outrageous! Bloated, Excessive, Unfair Government Salaries 

Outrageous! Bloated, Excessive, Unfair Government Salaries 

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Can you imagine any career starting out with a $100,000 minimum wage? Government employees around the country “earn” that much and more. In the private sector, workers complete the same job for half the salary. In Illinois, 50,000 state employees were earning six-figure salaries, costing the state $8 billion. It is very common for public employees to hop around and …