Workers Strike for $15 an Hour: Fast Track to Automation, Unemployment, and Poverty

Workers Strike for $15 an Hour: Fast Track to Automation, Unemployment, and Poverty

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Across America, at fast food restaurants, airports, and other places, the Services Employees International Union and other liberal unions have gone on strike.

They want a $15 minimum wage imposed on all businesses.

They claim that everyone who works should earn a living wage.

These special interest groups do not understand the laws of supply and demand.

Forcing up the minimum wage has terrible unintended consequences:

  1. Businesses must hire fewer employees in order to pay more money to the few lucky ones.
  2. The remaining staffers take on more work.
  3. Robots and automated kiosks will replace people.
  4. Businesses will close or move to other states.


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Forced minimum wage hikes have unintended consequences (Credit: A.F. Branco)

In fast food restaurants, expect to see a fast-track replacement of employees with automatic for order-taking and food preparation–all because the unions are misleading these workers.

The unions don’t care about helping individual employees. They only care about gaining new members, publicity, revenue, and more political power.

Most of these fast-food jobs are entry-level jobs with higher rates of mobility. They were never meant to be jobs for life. But now they will disappear, and people will miss out on entry-level employment to gain skills for better jobs.

Forcing the minimum wage will be a tragedy for all.

As a business owner, I struggle to cover costs as the minimum wage goes up. I have had to cut entry-level workers and will do so again. It’s sad, because people relied on these jobs┬áto supplement their income, or to take their first steps towards a long-term career.

And now that’s being denied to them.

All because of economic illiteracy and greedy power-grabbing.

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  1. From what I am hearing about Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary, he used to be in charge at Carl’s Jr. AND he is opposed to the $15.00 minimum wage.

      1. And what the protestors cannot see–or probably refuse to see–is that the more you make, the more the government takes out in taxes.

        I tried mentioning that on social media, with a reference to my personal experience. Response: “So you got yours, but you don’t want anyone else to have theirs?”

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