Old, Failed Black Leadership and Biased Media Attack Trump’s New Aggressive Outreach to Black Communities

Old, Failed Black Leadership and Biased Media Attack Trump’s New Aggressive Outreach to Black Communities

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The liberal media and black leaders including the NAACP, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson have gone ballistic.

Forget the fact that they have failed to bring jobs.

Forget the fact that besides creating a cycle of poverty but also out-of-control crime which has taken over the inner cities.

Forget the fact that the Democratic Party has taken the black community for granted and fights every opportunity to improve inner city education with school choice.

Change is coming, and you could see it in Trump’s special meeting to honor Black History Month.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ben Carson spoke, the nominee for the Department of Housing and Urban Development …  plus Trump talked about his policies that will spark entrepreneurship and job/wage growth.

To get a sense of the new hope and enthusiasm, listen to this powerful interview with David Webb on Varney and Company.

Click here.

During the 2016 Election, Donald Trump gave more attention and outreach to black communities and policies to overcome the poverty and crime than most Presidents and candidates in the last 50 years, including the previous President!

The President’s new agenda for urban areas, with large black populations will stress:

  1. Lower crime rates (especially for Chicago)
  2. Better schools
  3. More jobs and higher wages
  4. Give economic hope and opportunity to the black community.

Check out the meeting right here:

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  1. Al Sharpton, the NAACP and Jessie Jackson are afraid Trump WILL succeed in his promises to the inner cities residents! They are perfectly willing to sacrifice the black community as they have done in the past to keep the money and attention coming to them! Obama cared nothing about the inner cities or the killings in Chicago. He had and has the same agenda (money and media attention)!

  2. Yes, it’s time to fix the bad cycle.
    Think about it how long the scammers like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson hold the black community into miserable hopelessness for gaining their own interests. They are demagogues, not a problem solver. Also how about the epidemic drug problem, low academic education achievement in inner cities. Trump can’t help them in limitless if they keep follow these kind of scammers sending Washington DC to represent their district. They have to wake up by themselves.

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