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How Obama’s Socialist/Progressive policies Killed Jobs, Economics, and Wages

Craig HueyEconomics, Free Markets and Socialism 3 Comments

The final average economic growth figures are in for the eight years of the Obama Administration.

Obama … 1.5%

That’s a hysterically low figure which has resulted in prolonged unemployment, part-time work, people who have given up looking for work, people taking on multiple jobs just to survive … and little or no wage increases … despite rising prices and massive debt.

Today, after 8 years of Obamanomics, a record 95 million people are out of work!

What was the economic growth under George W. Bush? With actual increases in government spending and debt, only a little bit better … 2.1%.

But the jobs and wage increase differences were far more different.

What if the Trump Administration truly cut spending, taxes, and regulations?!

That would led to … 3.5%, a true economic boom!

If President Trump follows through on his economic plan, look for at least 3.5%-5.5% economic growth.

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  1. Narcissistic Obama doesn’t agree with it.
    He thought his regime made best ever in nice economy when lots of business and ordinary people are struggled in his bad policies. People were eager to wish the Obama regime was over. The election result showed the answer.

  2. These “Positive” plans to go forward and move the country in a progressive way is great! However, there is still and agenda that the socialist left is implementing to destroy America from within. They had a plan to finally destroy America with Obama and Hillary once and for all until President “elect” Trump won his seat in the White House. The left is dead set in their socialistic “Thuggery” thought process and so determined to destroy any plans to “Make America Great Again” just to satisfy their selfish “satanic” blind ego, they will stop at no means.

    Now, that’s the plans of those in control of the Left. The “Puppeteers”.

    That Bad.

    The Puppet mindset, . . . . . . the ones in the streets who are protesting have fallen for mainstream media news are the sad individuals who have fallen for the brainwashing by the puppeteers. Those that are being controlled through false news broadcasts really have not recognized that their thought processes have been hijacked by Soros and his numerous news media outlets along with the NWO plans. This brainwashing has occurred over a very long period of time without notice. It goes back as far as 20 years. How could this be one might ask?

    Socially engineered by taking over Americas education, entertainment, health, spiritual and welfare systems.

    Let’s keep on bending our knees, confessing our shortcomings to our creator and allow God to heal our land with his modern day Cyrus in the White house.

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