Union Corruption: How They Steal Elections

Union Corruption: How They Steal Elections

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Unions are some of the most corrupt organizations in modern politics.

They use money from coerced dues to fund candidates and causes on campaigns, regardless of whether the members approve or not. In many cases, unions support agendas which are anti-worker and anti-business like minimum wage hikes, environmental regulations, and higher taxes, which kill businesses and jobs!

Unions picketing at state houses (Credit: Christian Science Monitor)

Unions picketing at state houses (Credit: Christian Science Monitor)

Here are a few things you need to know about labor unions and their corrupting influence on the political process:

1. In 24 states, members are required to join a union as a condition of employment. It’s essential extortion or legalized bribery.

2. Unions hold a corrupt control over local offices and statewide elections in many states. They have turned into an overwhelming political machine for the Democratic Party

3. In Election 2016 alone, labor unions across the country spent $108.2 million on the Presidential election, which doubled what they spent in 2008.

4. In California, labor unions dominate Sacramento:

a. The California Teachers Association alone spent $27 million on statewide contests, including $800,000 in the city of Oakland, and $20,000 on a school board race, a record sum.

b. Even though Democrats get 95% of union money, at least 38-40% of the members voted for Republican candidates, including President of the United States.

5. Freedom is the key. To stop the corrupt revenue stream of coerced dues from labor unions to the Democratic Party, elected officials need to support right-to-work legislation. This reform would prevent unions from forcing members to join a union as a condition of employment.

Such legislation is pro-worker, pro-business, and also pro-union, requiring union bosses to pay attention to the needs and views of their employees.

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  1. Where I worked everyone had to join the union. It was a medical facility. I disliked it very much because they stood for evil, not good. And, patients who came for medical care quite often didn’t receive the care they needed because of union rules & regulations we caregivers Had to abide by. They took were taking $80 a month from my paycheck & stood against everything I believed in. Their leaders/union bosses were mean spirited and we workers always felt threatened by their tactics
    to keep us working. Negotiations on contracts always led to strikes, I lost a lot of wages because I was forced to strike like it or not. I am so glad to not be working under a union anymore!

  2. Hopefully, the issue can be decided by a full Supreme Court next time a case gets there. Without justice Scalia these very issues were debated January – March 2016 and the court deadlocked 4-4.

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