Obama: Ideologue, Not a Statesman

Obama: Ideologue, Not a Statesman

Craig Huey Culture Wars, Government, Congress, and Politics 2 Comments

Over the last eight years, I’ve spoken on TV, in print, and in my speeches that President Obama is driven by his radical, liberal ideology, not his legacy.

Ideology, not statesmanship.

Ideology, not accomplishments.

From his early days as a community organizer to the Presidency, his goal has been to transform the United States  into a more socialist, more secular, more collectivist society.

And he has been very successful in transforming our culture and government. Statism, not freedom, has advanced.

But with the election of Donald Trump, all of that might change.

Unlike other Presidents who retired and offered help to the incoming new President, we can expect just the opposite.

Expect attacks on TV and on social media.

Expect organizing, fundraising, and database building.

Expect a massive effort to change the 2018 Election.

And who will the villains be? Anyone who opposes Obama radical left-wing ideology.

Many have said to me: “Craig, you’re wrong on this one … Obama will retire and play golf.”


He will organize, mobilize, and work to continue to fight for his ideology.

Be prepared.

Let’s present the truth about Obama and his agenda.

Let’s not be passive.

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  1. I think Obama has to go! I am amaze about how many people has fallen for what Obama has done. For instant now thru Obama care each person in USA has to pay a fine every year for not having insurance. Instead of creating a way for people to have the ability to obtain insurance thanks to Obama it is now a fine. All that money goes once again to a corrupted system and stupid people is in support of that. That is beyond my mind…how is that we had allowed the government to screw the people. Even things like Burnie offering everything for frew. It is nothing free at the end we the people we will end up paying by them raising again taxes to cover the frew stuff they offer. That is crazy to me.

  2. I think I went overboard the last time I submitted a reply. But you are dead-on about this one Craig. Socialism is a dark horse disease and needs to be eradicated at all cost. It has polluted and “slow boiled” the minds of Americans long enough. Slow boiled in that our culture has been treated like a meal to be eaten and the heat has slowly been increased on us and our society hasn’t noticed the “Change” he so ever wanted 8 years ago. The first thing I noticed was the design of his platform in Denver’s then Invesco Field that resembled Pergamon, the seat of satan. America ever so desired to get prayer out of schools and have Gods name stricken off it’s courthouse facades as if he was a cancer, so they got what they were asking for. Americans are very quick and also “lazy to excersize their brains to remember he campaigned on “Change”. Way back when all this was being rallied upon and hailed, nobody was asking, ‘What type of change was this guy talking about?” It’s very easy for reporters to write articles on the aftermath of something, but you seldom see articles that truly retrospect (Like you do Craig) and honestly report the dangers of what Socialism really is. These people (All Communists) that have been manipulating our culture into a satanic worshipping hellhole don’t honor and respect what real freedom is from a God fearing Christian perspective. It may sound like a very distraught and upset person right now but No, I am just pressing with emotional content the danger our country was looking at just a few weeks ago.
    Yes, you are ever so correct! This guy is not going to stop because he’s not of this land in the first place. He’s an alien that falsified papers and ended up where he is.
    God bless America and may his son reign and increase in the hearts of those who love him until his coming again, which is very soon.
    Bless you Craig!

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