Multiplying Your Message: 13 Response-Boosting Strategies You Can Use on Facebook Right Now

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Do you own a small business … or do you have a personal, political, social or religious message you’d like to deliver to a large audience?

If you’re wondering whether Facebook advertising is still worth using … or whether you’d be better off putting your cash elsewhere … keep reading.

Facebook advertising is still a powerful, strategic and cost-effective way to generate hot new leads and get a great response to your offer.

But you need to know specific strategies and tactics.

These include:

  • Powerful Facebook retargeting–generating powerful new response from your best leads and current customers
  • Cutting-edge ways to use Facebook messenger to directly reach your perfect prospects…bypassing the clutter and chaos to get straight into their inboxes
  • Scientifically-proven direct response copy to use in your Facebook ads…grabbing the attention (and the clicks) of your prospects
  • Testing your Facebook ads to what’s working best–and creating better and better ads for better and better response
  • And more….

In Chapter 4 of my new book, The New Multichannel Integrated Marketing: 28 Trends for Creating a Multichannel, Integrated Campaign to Boost Your Profits Now, you’ll learn 13 response-boosting strategies to use on Facebook right now, to generate new leads and raise response.

This book is a comprehensive guide to the latest and most revolutionary approaches to marketing.

Here’s a summary of what I cover in detail in each chapter of The New Multichannel Integrated Marketing: 28 Trends for Creating a Multichannel, Integrated Campaign to Boost Your Profits Now:

  • Chapter 1: The New Integrated Multichannel Marketing and Advertising (pg.3)
  • Chapter 2: Custom List Targeting Domination: Reaching Your “Perfect Prospects” and Increasing Response and Sales (pg.19)
  • Chapter 3: How to Supercharge Your Marketing with Look-alike Audiences (pg.25)
  • Chapter 4: Facebook Advertising: Surprising New Integrated Strategies and Tactics on The World’s Most Popular Social Media Platform (pg.33)
  • Chapter 5: The Facebook Messaging Revolution (pg.47)
  • Chapter 6: Banner Ads and Native Ads: Your Keys to Effective Lead-Generation or Sales (pg.51)
  • Chapter 7: Retargeting to Dramatically Boost Response (pg.57)
  • Chapter 8: Email Strategy Now: The Rules of Email are Changing (pg.63)
  • Chapter 9: The Amazon Revolution: Nine Powerful Insights and Strategies for This Transformational Marketing Platform (pg.73)
  • Chapter 10: Instagram: Your Social Media “Power Tool” for Boosting Response to Your Multichannel, Integrated Marketing Campaign (pg.81)
  • Chapter 11: Pre-Roll Ads: The “Commercial Before the Video” (pg.85)
  • Chapter 12: Infomercials: Overlooked, But Still Powerful Strategy (pg.89)
  • Chapter 13: Mobile Marketing Breakthrough (pg.95)
  • Chapter 14: Direct Mail Resurgence: Your “Secret Weapon” for Getting an Exceptionally High Profit-Boosting Response (pg.105)
  • Chapter 15: Traditional Envelope Direct Mail – Little-Known Strategy for Skyrocketing Profits (pg.113)
  • Chapter 16: Magalogs: Infomercial in Print (pg.131)
  • Chapter 17: Unique Direct Mail Formats to Generate Leads and Sales: The Newsalog, Bookalog, Tabalog, Videolog, and 3-D Package (pg.141)
  • Chapter 18: Informed Delivery: The “Pre” Mail Alert (pg.155)
  • Chapter 19: Writing Copy That Sells: 50 Rules for Creating Effective, Sales-Boosting Copy (pg.161)
  • Chapter 20: How to Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition (pg.187)
  • Chapter 21: How to Create an Irresistible Offer (pg.193)
  • Chapter 22: The Power of Value-Added Marketing (pg.201)
  • Chapter 23: The New Credibility (pg.205)
  • Chapter 24: Your Landing Page: The Foundation of Your Multichannel, Integrated Marketing Campaign [12 Critical Rules] (pg.211)
  • Chapter 25: New Breakthroughs in Shopping Cart Abandonment (pg.225)
  • Chapter 26: The Key Question: Your Spokesperson(pg.226)
  • Chapter 27: Video: A Critical, Powerful Key to Your Multichannel, Integrated Marketing Campaign — 21 Critical Rules (pg.233)
  • Chapter 28: Testing to Maximize Results (pg.241)

You’ll have a roadmap to pre-rolls, geo-fencing, “Facebook on steroids” and much more.

You’ll get to see real-life examples of multichannel, integrated marketing that helped my clients see skyrocketing profits – as I guide you step-by-step through what you need to know to create your own powerful multichannel, marketing campaign.

Right now, I’m offering a full 20% off the regular price of The New Multichannel Integrated Marketing: 28 Trends for Creating a Multichannel, Integrated Campaign to Boost Your Profits Now.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn strategies that really work …. so that you can experience the business growth and profits you’ve always dreamed of.

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