Mail-In Ballots and Voter Fraud: Millions of Votes Not Counted? What the Media is Not Telling You

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Millions of ballots – could be yours – not counted.

Mail- in ballots across America have been rejected by election officials in the 2020 primaries

It also happened in the 2018 and 2016 elections and before.

For example, California in its March 2020 primary over 102,428 million ballots were rejected. That’s about 1.5% of the 7 million sent in…. enough to have made a difference in the outcome of a close election.

Add to this:

– Ballots lost in the mail

– Ballots never deliver because of unethical ballot harvesting

– Ballots arrives late because of poor postal delivery

– Ballots misdelivered to incorrect address

The most common reason for ballot rejection was in fact missing the election deadline.

California law – and most other states- allows mailed in ballots with a postmark of election day within 3 days of the elections.

That was 70, 330 California primary. Votes rejected.

In the 2020 California Primary, 27,525 ballots were rejected because of no signatures or unmatchable signatures.

Nationwide the ballot rejection rate is 1.4%.

In the 2016 Presidential election, 129 million ballots were counted. That means 1,806,000 were not counted. In swing states, that makes all the difference in the presidential race just like it matters for tight state and local races.

The 2016 Presidential election was decided by less than 80,000 voters in a few key electoral states like Florida. Just a small fraction of rejected ballots would change an election.

In many states vote by mail has been expanded. In some areas the only way to vote is by mail.

That means this upcoming election could see a far greater rejection percentage.

Or take New Jersey this year. In 31 municipal elections the all-mail in ballot election saw a was 9.6% rejection rate.

The New Jersey Attorney general has filed fraud charges against candidates who tried to manipulate the vote.

The Democrats in all the states are passing on pushing bills to force all mail-in votes…largely with the excuse of COVID fears.

This, of course, is ridiculous. Polls can open softly.

Lawsuits by the Democrats to force all votes by mail is also being done.

And in each of these efforts, they are trying to prevent any security checks of vote by mail ballots in the law, thus undermining election integrity.

Right now, security of determining a legal voter is poor. They want it to be non-existent.

Registration in many states is not verified.

In California, my copywriter at the ad agency I own, registered a dog to vote… and she gets the dogs vote by mail ballot in the mail.

Also, Ballot harvesting of votes and ballots destroys the vote integrity, creating massive fraud potential.

The existing system in most states is to compare the signature on the ballot to a voter registration card on file. If it doesn’t match its rejected.

This of course is subjective and only as good as the security enforced.

Cal Tech and MIT- along with many others warn of voter fraud because of mail-in ballots. They put out a joint report warning fraud is found in the mail-in ballot system.

And, the unpredictability of the post office should stop anyone from wanting a mail-in ballot. A recent test confirmed 3% of ballots never arrived. Some controllers see it closer to 7 – 13%.

Here is what you can do.

1. Vote in person if you can.

2. If you can’t go to the polls, be careful to vote early and write your name like you did originally.

3. Vote according to our voter guide- we recommend only candidates who want to stop voting fraud.

4. Read chapter 11 of my book on voters’ fraud. It will give facts that you won’t find elsewhere. You can get the book, The Deep State, on Amazon; click here or go to and I’ll sign a copy for you.

You can also call 615.490.8832

Or send a check payable to Election Forum at 1313 4th Avenue N. Nashville, TN 37208.

5. And get my free report “Special Report: Church Ballot Harvesting: A Guide to Transforming the Election of 2020 – 9 Strategic Solutions”. Click here to get it.

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  1. When you get your ‘vote-by-mail’ ballot, fill it out and walk it to the nearest polling place. Kind of defeats the purpose but better than taking a chance. Right?

  2. How can I check to see what my signature looked when I moved to California many years ago? If my mail-in ballots have been rejected because my signature is different now how will I know?

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