Lies and Myths Surrounding Net Neutrality and the FCC Policy Change: 5 Truths About Restoring Internet Freedom [video]

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The FCC is currently voting on “Restoring Internet Freedom,” proposed by Chairman Ajit Pai. The measure would result in deregulation of the internet that would lead to greater investment and more innovation.

Of course, supporters of dangerous net neutrality are completely up in arms about it, claiming it would “kill the internet”.

Net neutrality is the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all data on the internet the same.

It gives monopolies greater power and protection so that they can maintain the status quo…limits innovation…and increases dangerous government regulation.

Here are 5 truths about the policy change:

1. Lies and Myth.

“It will end the internet as we know it.”

“It will kill the internet.”

These are just a couple of the lies and myths surrounding the change in policy.

Another lie is that the policy change will put consumers at the mercy of broadband service providers without any form of protection. This has never been true, and will not be true under RIF either.

People imagine that ISP’s will develop packages for internet users that are “themed”…like a Hollywood or gaming theme. This idea is preposterous and will never come true.

While radical left supporters of net neutrality would like you to think that RIF would destroy the internet as we know it, this policy change would only create more freedom and innovation.

2. Avalanche of Hysterical Marketing. 

There’s been an avalanche of mass hysteria…so much so that advocates of net neutrality have taken to harassing the children of FCC commissioners…and even threatening to murder a congressman over the issue.

Fearmongering and hype are causing people to act out against the policy change, before they really know the facts.

The FCC plans to overturn the Open Internet Order (OIO) that Obama put into place.

But the OIO still allowed internet service providers (ISPs) to block content, not to mention the non-ISP companies that can and do block content.

But left-wing groups are overlooking the truth…advocacy groups like “Fight for the Future” are overseeing massive marketing efforts to fight the policy change.

3. Giants Against it…Self-Interest to Protect from Competition. 

Giants like Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter are opposed to the FCC policy change because it threatens their status quo.

They are even openly encouraging internet users to take action against this policy change…

What isn’t so obvious is that these internet providers also block content.

This hypocritical move reveals what’s at the center of the matter: money. Major tech companies might be charged higher rates for bandwidth under the deregulation of ISPs. They don’t want to pay more.

So they distort the reality of what net neutrality really is.

4. Restoring Internet Freedom (RIF) Will Increases Connectivity and Innovation.

Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai says that the original regulation of the Internet under a Title II framework has decreased investment and led to slower rates of innovation.

In fact, Pai said that this regulation was responsible for a 6% decline in broadband network investment.

This policy change will return the Internet to the lighter regulation that ruled it from the mid 90’s to 2015.

Ultimately, RIF means more people will be participating in digital economy, as competition and innovation creates more jobs.

5. The RIF Provides the Same Kind of Network that Allows us to Enjoy the Internet Today.

RIF will transfer oversight of Internet Service Providers to the Federal Trade Commission, which will ensure consumer protection, privacy, and security.

It will also return to the transparency rules established by the FCC in 2010.

Ultimately, it is a better way for a fair internet that also encourages innovation…the same kind of system that made the creation and growth of the internet possible in the first place.

Here’s a video of what Tucker Carlson has to say about the change.


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