3 Special Questions for Our Readers

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Here are 3 special questions for our readers…

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For California-Resident Readers:

Are you leaving or thinking about leaving California? Why?

For Former California-Resident Readers:

Why did you leave California, and do you like your new home state or location?

For Outside-of-California-Resident Readers:

 Would you consider moving to California? Why?

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Comments 12

  1. I never thought I would ever entertain even the thought of moving out of California. I grew up here. It is my home. I love the beach, the mountains, the weather. The people I love are here. However, the social climate here has become so incredibly hostile and intolerant to people of faith or who simply have a different opinion than the progressive left that my concern is starting to give in to fear. I just want to practice my faith and share different ideas openly without fear of losing my job, being charged with a crime, or having my property damaged. I have no current plans to move, but the thought is now in the back of my mind.

  2. I am living in California, and I will continue to live in California, because my friends are here, and my church is here, and I have lived most of my life here.

  3. If I could move out of California I would but I am retired and don’t have the resources to move. By that I mean that I believe somewhere in the not to distant future there will be a complete break down of society which will lead to riots, looting and rule by street thugs. God helps at that time.

  4. Definitely preparing for a Move to a State Nearby I use to work in. Lived here since 1960 but some of the above comments are exactly my thoughts. Love my church but can watch it online every weekend!

  5. I don’t have a plan to leave, only because I’m 80+ age. I will leave Los Angeles County as soon as possible for a rural and conservative county north of here. I regret losing my City, County and State on my watch but there are larger forces at work. I fought the good fight to the best of my ability and finished as well as I could. I leave it to God’s will.

  6. I am seriously thinking of getting out of California and going back to cold and snowy winters because of reasons already noted above. Too many illegals, too many liberals (socialists), too many taxes. You get the idea. The only good thing now about southern California is the weather. I am fortunate in that I do have the means to get out. I just need the proverbial straw to be placed upon me. I think it is coming about January 1.

  7. Southern California is were where my surviving family members came after the holocaust. I was born and raised in So Cal and so were my children. But the state has become unaffordable, it no longer protects it’s residents and the courts and judges do not uphold or enforce the law. The state legislates new laws (legalized marijuana) solely for the money it will bring into it’s coffers while putting the safety and health of its citizens in jeopardy. I am so done with this state! As soon as my house sells I am retiring and moving to my new home to join my children in Northern Idaho.

  8. I have been in CA for 58 years and my husband even longer but we are very seriously looking elsewhere and so is our son. Our area is being dragged down hill by homeless and by laws that mean criminals are back on the street before deputies or police finish writing their reports. Shoplifting at our son’s store by drifters is destroying his business as good people stay away from our down town and there is nothing being done. Gas prices are well above the national average and our roads are falling apart. Nothing is being done of value for the mentally ill who roam the streets. It golden state has turned to rust. So sad as we love the physical geography, but the people in power? Not so much. And do not get me started on the boondoggle of the super train from Fresno to LA: biggest waste of money ever.

    1. Evelyn and Family. I feel you have encapsulated most of the best problems to this State. I see the Liberal blue state mentality of Wacko progressivism, The 9th Federal District court , Brown and his successor Goofball )gavin)Newsome or any other Dem; AB109 EARLY Prison Releases, and Millenial pot head Knuckleheads /Illegal immigrants overusing Medical services will lead us into near bankruptcy

  9. Yes, we left CA for FL in 2015. We have family here in Sarasota, and we have been very happy here.

    We love so many of our state government’s money-saving choices: from part-time legislature to no state income tax, for example. Also our government buildings tend to be very simple concrete block rectangles. And when we first arrived and set up a voter registration drive at our church we were delighted to see the voter registration form is a simple black and white 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper off the copy machine!

  10. I left California at the end of last year. The committed Marxists who run the state and most local governments have, in effect, ordered middle class Americans to leave the state or face impoverishment. So I left. The Orange County Register had a big article a few months ago that celebrated “affordable” housing. What I bought in Oregon costs less than one-third as much and has more square footage.

    And, it’s going to get much worse. People in California have no idea how bad the government-created increases in the cost of living and government-created deterioration of your lifestyle are going to hit them.

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