FBI/CIA/NSA: The More We Learn, the Greater the Political Corruption: 6 Shocking Things You Should Know [video]

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The corruption in government agencies that’s been uncovered over the past several months has been outrageous.

Intelligence agencies, weaponized and politicized by progressive/socialist ideology…

Information leaks and wiretaps, in the name of “security”…

Government employees who refuse to comply with Trump…

But the more we learn, the greater the corruption. Here are 6 shocking truths you need to know now:

1. 6 of Mueller’s 15 Lawyers Were Hillary Clinton Donors.

There’s still a total lack of evidence supporting any collusion between President Trump and Russia…

And what’s worse, Robert Mueller’s investigative team was disturbingly compromised by partisan politics.

In fact, Robert Mueller’s team of 15 lawyers investigating collusion between Trump and Russia included 6 Hillary Clinton donors.

While not technically illegal, this is just one more proof that the FBI has been weaponized by the left.

Although most of the men and women in the FBI are dedicated, loyal patriots, we see massive corruption at the leadership levels.


2. Mueller’s Team are Partisans and are actually using their Government Offices… to at first defeat and now take down President Trump.

Mueller’s politicized team of partisan key players include:

  • Andrew Weissman, a veteran prosecutor who said he was “so proud” and “in awe” of deputy attorney general Sally Yates’ refusal to enforce President Trump’s temporary travel ban executive order.
  • Aaron Zebley, formerly known as Mueller’s “right hand” man. In 2015, Zebley represented Justin Cooper, Clinton’s IT staffer who helped set up Hillary’s home server and smash her Blackberry devices to avoid them being subpoenaed.
  • Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, formerly on the Mueller team, who exchanged thousands of texts that were highly critical of and opposed to Trump.

They were also both heavily involved in Clinton’s email scandal..Strzok was the one who changed the language describing her criminal behavior from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”…making it more difficult to prosecute her.

The list of Strzok’s partisan politics goes on…

He was also the agent who oversaw the FBI’s interviews of Mike Flynn, who has since pleaded guilty to lying during those interviews. And he also played a key role in the FBI’s handling of the anti-Trump “dossier” created by Fusion GPS.

Mueller’s team was made of Deep State officials and government employees… operatives who will stop at nothing to take down Trump.


3. DOJ Official Had Numerous Shady Connections with the Firm Who Produced Fake Anti-Trump Dossier.

Bruce Ohr is another example of a career official who has played a key role in political manipulation and weaponization of intelligence agencies.

Bruce Ohr served as associate deputy attorney general at the time of the presidential campaign. His office was only steps away from Sally Yates (mentioned above), who ran the day-to-day operations of the Department of Justice…now a prominent anti-Trump voice.

The most disturbing part is that Ohr has had numerous shady connections with Fusion GPS… the firm who produced a DNC/Clinton-funded dossier falsely condemning Trump for supposedly colluding with Russians.

During the 2016 campaign, Ohr met with former British spy Christopher Steele who wrote the document. Ohr also met with Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS, shortly after the campaign.

But it gets worse…

Ohr’s wife was working for Fusion GPS during the 2016 presidential campaign. In fact, Fusion GPS has confirmed that she was hired to investigate Trump.

So corrupt! Along with Strzok, Ohr is the second FBI official demoted for his actions during the investigation of Trump. Like Strzok, it was information not disclosed by the FBI to House investigators…But Ohr was even higher up than Strzok in the DOJ, posing even more of a threat.


4. FISA Politicized.

It appears the FBI paid Fusion GPS for its false information…and used it to get FISA approval to spy on Trump and his team.

FISA is the act that allows surveillance of foreign intelligence information for the sake of “security”…but it’s been twisted and politicized in efforts to take down Trump.

Under FISA, there have been innumerable accounts of illegal spying and information leaks…breaches of security that threaten the safety of Americans.

Here’s an example…


5. Illegally Spying on Former Blackwater USA Chief Erik Prince through FISA. 

Erik Prince was formerly the chief of Blackwater security, and is now an international businessman and private equity firm member…he’s also the brother of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

On a recent trip to the Seychelles to meet with UAE business partners, Prince incidentally met a Russian fund manager, with whom he had a 30-minute conversation.

After the trip, the Washington Post ran an article about the trip, saying that Prince had been sent by Trump to collude with Russia.

Prince said that his name must have been unmasked through FISA surveillance…and then leaked to the media.

This is further evidence of disturbing information leaks of US citizens… one more overstep of FISA…and one more reason we cannot renew this dangerous act that infringes on our rights.

6. FISA is Up for Renewal.

FISA expires December 31st. It’s been abused as a political weapon again and again.

If you are opposed to the federal government spying on American citizens who have done nothing wrong, click below to urge Congress NOT to reauthorize the Section 702 Amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA):


Watch the video below to see what Jim Jordan has to say on the issue.

What do you think?

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