Libertarian Party: Crippled by Liberal-Progressive Gary Johnson

Libertarian Party: Crippled by Liberal-Progressive Gary Johnson

Craig Huey Culture Wars, Economics, Education, Government, Congress, and Politics 2 Comments

Election 2016 could have been the year that the Libertarian Party became a viable voice and advocate for freedom.

Their consistent message was destroyed with their Presidential nominee Gary Johnson, who was a horrible spokesman and candidate. Vice-Presidential nominee William Weld, the former liberal Republican of Massachusetts, made matters worse.

Johnson’s abysmal candidacy was compounded by his liberal, statist stances, including on religious liberty (see here).

Gary Johnson (Credit: Gage Skidmore)

While disappointing, Johnson did help the Libertarian Party grow:

  • He received 4.46 million votes (or 3.28% of the total vote). This result was a major improvement from Election 2012, when Johnson received 1.28 million votes, or 1.66% of the total vote.
  • The Libertarian Party was listed on all 50 states, and Washington DC.
  • They out-performed Green Party candidate Jill Stein in every state.
  • The Libertarian Party registration is now ½ million votes
  • The Johnson/Weld ticket raised $12 million, beating its $3.5 million haul in 1980.

The party has had powerful advocates for free enterprise and individual liberty—my friends Harry Browne, Ron Paul, and John Hospers.

But their latest convention really blew the party’s chances for influence in 2016.

I am not convinced that the Libertarian Party will emerge as a major party within our political system.

I do believe at the party can serve as a pressuring force on the Republican Party to stay true to their limited government, individual liberty principles.

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  1. Craig, I fully agree with your prognosis of the Libertarian Party, which is a shame as the Republican party leadership has failed over the the past 20 some odd years to truly differentiate themselves from the Democratic party in the support of the Washington DC Leviathan.

  2. The Libertarian Party is the Republican Party’s worst enemy. Just as the idiots who are protesting Trump are the Democrats’ own worst enemy. Radicalism has divided this country more than at any time since the Civil War. With this latest election, the Democrats have even gotten worse—to the point they are reflecting the actions of the worst in society—destroying property, attacking law enforcement officers and acting like the lowest forms of humanity. That said, sensible people have been crying for years for every single thing Trump stands for. He has accomplished more in the first couple days in office that most Presidents did in all their years in office. This is because he is a business man who understands logic, pragmatism and economics—coupled with compassion for those who need a “hand-up” not a hand-out. If we can keep the radical nuts out, I believe he will accomplish most, if not all the things he has vowed to do; And, get our country back on track—to “make our country great again”. The last thing we need is a Libertarian to divide us further.

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