Economic Crisis Ahead: Can Trump and Congress Act Fast Enough?

Economic Crisis Ahead: Can Trump and Congress Act Fast Enough?

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Barack Obama is leaving office for good.

But he has left our economy in total ruins.

95 million people are not even in the workforce!

Don’t believe the mainstream media. Unemployment and underemployment have skyrocketed under Obama’s terrible policies. What new jobs have been created, many are low-wage and part-time.

President Trump and the Republican Congress have a lot of work ahead of them. Trump’s acting, but he needs support as the media and the liberal establishment are blocking his policies.

Here are the huge problems facing the Trump Administration:

  1. The economy only grew about 2%. We should be growing by at least 4-6%.
  2. Business failures have outnumbered start-ups for the first time in decades.
  3. Not one new community bank has formed since the passage of the over-regulating Dodd-Frank Act of 2010.
  4. The United States has fallen behind 12 other nations in terms of start-up companies.

Trump must take charge, and fast! (Credit: Gage Skidmore)

The following countries have outpaced the US in terms of business expansion:

  • Hungary
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • Israel
  • Italy
  1. 40% of Millennials are still living at home with parents or relatives. Many of them are struggling to find work, pay huge student loan debt, and get affordable housing.
  2. Obamacare is forcing up health care premiums. For those who cannot afford the excessive and expensive insurance, they face unfair penalties.
  3. Regulatory burdens are out of control. Barack Obama even signed into law a score of midnight regulations.
  4. High income and corporate taxes are driving businesses out of business or into other countries.
  5. Illegal immigration has further depressed wages and hurt average workers, white collar as well as blue collar.
  6. Between 2007-2017, the national debt has exploded to $20 trillion. Barack Obama doubled the national debt, adding more than all Presidents before him—combined!

Why does the national debt affect you?

  1. It’s theft! You and future generations are required to pay if off.
  2. More money in the money supply is inflation, which leads to higher prices and erodes the value of your savings.

For Trump to ensure economic growth, we need fewer regulations as well as lower taxes. Our national debt needs to be tackled and taken down as soon as possible.

If we want a thriving economy, we need a robust business sector. The entrepreneurs create jobs, not the government. Let’s help entrepreneurs, not bureaucrats, be successful!

Contact your Congressman, and tell them to support Trump’s Pro-Business agenda!

Click here to find your Congressman.

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