Progressive Scholar: Striking Instance of Indoctrination.

Liberal Professor: Stunning example of Indoctrination [video]

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College and University professors are liberal.

In my day, 75-85%. Today because of tenure and admissions policies run by the liberal professors. It’s close to 97-98%.

And parents are paying big money to undermine their moral faith, worldview and any understanding of economics.

Hatred for America. Socialism. Crazy political beliefs.

Here is a quick example. You won’t believe this interview and the professors answers. 

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  2. The Professor Tucker is interviewing is a classic example of a well educated moron. He can repeat what he is taught but what he is taught is not always correct. He indicates a lack of reasoning ability unable to discern or understand a cause and effect of surrounding situations. (Don’t I sound smart! – One can always throw together a bunch of words to make others feel inferior. That’s just rude!) 🙂

    1. I once knew a person who would not consider your position on any subject unless you had a Master’s Degree. When we were in front of a counselor in regards to child custody issues, and I pointed out this persons position to the counselor, the person was made to attend separate counseling sessions. After being put in their place by the counselor (who had a master’s degree) the person had a mental breakdown and became bedridden and anorexic. While I don’t want to make light of this issue, it points to a bigger issue in our institutions of Higher Learning.

  3. I listened to most of the dialog—and, that was enough. This is typical of the left. It seems there is no middle ground or moderate Liberals anymore. They have no real, factual reasons for their thinking, and it is impossible to carry on a logical debate with them. The majority of them are very shallow thinkers but, fast with words which are, for the most part, totally ludicrous. They refuse to give a simple, honest answer—instead, they will switch the subject and attempt to confuse you with more meaningless verbiage. This, I’ve found, is also true of the extreme right. Fortunately, most Conservatives have learned to shy away from extremism in politics. Now, the left needs to recognize their deficiency in this area; And, that their radicals are their own worst enemies.

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