Obama Spying on Trump/Russia: cutting through the confusion [video and 7 reality checks]

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Local, Cable and National news is a constant stream of misinformation and attacks on Trump, Congressman Nunes and Conservatives…

It’s vicious

It’s unfair

It’s not balanced

The media is ignoring or down playing the Obama Administrations illegal, unconstitutional and unethical spying on its political opponents – Trump.

And the entire Russia spying and campaign manipulation outcry is believed by millions, but is innuendo and no substance. It is being done with one purpose: to delegitimize Trump and destroy his integrity, credibility and policies.

Here are 7 reality checks on this issue:

  1. The Obama Administration monitored the Trump campaign and transition team on matters unrelated to Russia.

In violation of the law, the identities of U.S. citizens were revealed in the intelligence data and widely circulated throughout the government.

  1. Obama confidant, Susan Rice, was the one who ordered the information to destroy Trump.
  2. The mainstream media and much of Facebook is ignoring or mocking all the above
  3. We cannot trust government – including the CIA, NSA and intelligence agencies to be honest, nor to act only within the limitations placed on it.

Government power can, and will, be abused.

That is why the framers of our constitution set up checks and balances and why the government should be small and local.

  1. We also know that our enemies such as Russia, Iran and China are willing to do anything they can to destroy, create confusion or interfere with our government and way of life.

Liberty is a threat to collectivism and dictatorships. That’s why we have national defense.

  1. Russia has a network for over 100 years to create disinformation and control events. It’s good for people to see really what happened…
  2. Russia did not affect the outcome of the election. Russia does not control Trump.

Powerful, short insight on Fact vs fiction – including the “16 agencies” myth. Click here. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5379845321001/?#sp=show-clips

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  1. It is so absurd how blind the liberals choose to be on vital matters of critical concern to our country. I don’t remember a time in history when the bent to destroy an opposing political opponent has been carried to this extent. Justice Gorbach is an example as is the corruptness of the Obama/Clinton coalition. How can some of these people sleep at night after their plotting, scheming and lying. Definitely a post Christian nation in that respect. So sad!

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