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Inside: How the Biden Administration, Bureaucrats, Politicians, and Media Use the Same Terminology on Issue After Issue in Copycat Unison [Video]

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It happens every day when you’re watching the news…

It doesn’t matter if it’s local or national news… It happens to all of the news outlets.

It’s hard to pick up unless you are a news junkie and tune into every major news outlet, and even then, it goes mostly unnoticed.

If you listen closely to announcements from the White House, department heads from the various bureaucracies like the DOJ, IRS, or FBI, Democrat politicians, and the media, something strange begins to become apparent… it’s all government-controlled propaganda.

They all use the same messaging and wording to create a narrative that they use to control, manipulate, scare us, and keep us all distracted and divided.

It’s eerie and unsettling…

A new video has surfaced that’s gone viral, which shows a compilation of all of the media talking heads spouting the same narrative, using the same wording, and placing them side-by-side within a 24-hour period (see the video compilation below).

For example, they’ll all define Jan. 6th as “a threat to democracy” or climate change as “the biggest existential threat we face.”

How does this happen?

Who decides on the wording?

And how does it get out so quickly?

Obviously, there’s purpose and thought behind all the words—it’s all coordinated and choreographed perfectly.

Here’s how it happens:

Step #1:

Trained copywriters use the most advanced A.I. and focus-group testing of words.

Step #2:

A call is given every morning to the top administration officials, utilizing a statement on an issue that they can all use.

Step #3:

This message is also given to the top democratic leaders and filters through the Democratic politicians.

Step #4:

It’s then announced to the media and filtered through social media and politics.

For example, everyone, upon hearing a bad Supreme Court decision within 24 hours, uses the same terminology. “Extremist Supreme Court.”

This is a proven term and positioning that the Biden administration knows:

  • Resonates with their base
  • Is persuadable to invoke a reaction
  • Helps them define their enemy

So, when you hear the politicians and the media in collusion, it’s not by mistake or accident– it’s purposeful and intentional.

It’s a system that is effective and efficient and immediate.

See a video compilation of news anchors at local affiliate stations reciting word-for-word the exact same message on “fake” news.

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