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You Be the Judge: What’s Wrong with Jason Aldean’s Song “Try That in a Small Town”? It’s Banned by CMT and Attacked By Radicals [Watch the Video—You Decide]

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Across America, one musician’s song just got banned, censored, and trashed.

The crazy radical politicians and biased media are calling country music star Jason Aldean’s song, Try That in a Small Town, a “pro-lynching” song and “racist” because it criticizes the BLM riots that erupted in big cities across the country.

Critics are pointing to one scene in the music video, where you see the historic Georgia courthouse. Critics are using the image to support their “lynching narrative,” but the courthouse was also a historical backdrop for the civil rights movement.

The overall meaning of the song is about how small towns “wouldn’t put up with the riots and lawlessness that happened in cities across the nation during the COVID lockdowns and the George Floyd riots.” In fact, it calls out radical violence, especially against the police.

The song started getting attacked by country music industry leaders and singers like Sheryl Crow, who said the song “promoted violence… Aldean should understand this better than anyone since he was at the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.”

Aldean replied, saying the “accusations were meritless and dangerous.

There is not a single lyric in the song that references race or points to it, and there isn’t a single video clip that isn’t real new footage. And while I can try and respect others to have their own interpretation of a song with music, this one goes too far.”

Country Music Television (CMT) pulled the music video from the airwaves 3 days after airing it—they gave no explanation as to why.

However, CMT pulling the song didn’t stop Aldean’s 8 million social media fans (and scores of new ones) from making the song #1 on iTunes.

In fact, since CMT pulled the music video, the audio and video streams from Try That in a Small Town went from 987,000 to 11.7 million (a 999% increase). And according to Aldean, the music video “sold 1,000 tracks. Last week, the country music song sold 228,000 tracks.”

“Somebody asked me, ‘Hey man, do you think you’re going to play Small Town tonight at your concert?'” Aldean said. “The answer was simple. The people have spoken, and you guys spoke very, very loudly this week.”

See Jason Aldean’s music video for his hit song Try That in a Small Town.

What’s wrong with the song?

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  1. I watched the Video and listened to his song. I thought that it was great. ( I am not normally into Country Music, but productions like this could convert me! ) Those who complain that his video supports and encourages violence are most likely hypocrites who would never say such a thing about the main stream media that tends to focus on mass shootings, riots, smash and go, car chases, and other violent crimes–playing such videos ad-nauseum– while ignoring what is happening in Congress or the White House politically. Those who claim that it is racist, didn’t watch carefully. There were folks of races/colors of wrong-doers in the scenes.

  2. I watched the video and though I have my own reasons for not liking small towns I doubt very much his intentions were anything but a warning that if you abuse little old ladies, riot and destroy property, among other criminal acts they would not be tolerated. The choice of the building in hindsight was not a good choice, but I highly doubt this man had any idea or knowledge about a lynching almost a century ago.

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