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And the Children Shall Lead: Government Pays Students $22/Hr to Promote Radical Climate Change—How Radical Environmentalists Are Using Taxpayer Dollars and the Courts to Push Their Agenda…

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The government is brainwashing our kids into thinking that the normal fluctuation of weather and temperature is caused by man, and it’s more “extreme.”

These are the same people that are telling us that there are more than 2 genders, that masks work to stop viruses, and that can’t identify what a woman is.

They have made our kids neurotic, irrational, and panic-stricken—So much so that they are now eco-warriors who will do anything to support their “cause,” even destroy anyone that disagrees with them.

You may have seen on the news kids gluing themselves to walls and floors, destroying artwork, blocking roads, and making spectacles of themselves.

And a lot of these climate warrior’s activities are being supported with our tax dollars.

For example, in California, the state is paying college students through its College Corps Program $22 per hour for 450 hours of work (that’s $7 above the state’s minimum wage) to hit the streets with their message: “The Earth is doomed.”

Yes, kids become climate change activists, and California colleges will pay you close to $10,000! Not a bad haul for the summer… get in people’s faces, throw tomato soup on paintings, shout unintelligible messages over a bullhorn– it’s all good— it’s all on the taxpayer’s dime.

The College Corps Program has over 3,200 “low-income” students who are on the public dime already, including illegal immigrants.

According to The College Corps Program, 30% of students focus on “food insecurity,” and 22% focus on “climate action,” (which includes wildfire mitigation, energy conservation, urban greening, waste diversion, food rescue, and environmental education), 80% of the students in this program are “students of color.”

Washington State’s ClimeTime is a state education program that “helps high school teachers introduce climate change and environmental justice into their classrooms by focusing on how the issues are playing out in their backyards. Through seminars and in-person sessions, teachers (who participate voluntarily) become the students — soaking up knowledge from climate scientists, activists, and science education professors.”

Currently, there are at least 11 states that have pending bills related to climate change education, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, Iowa, Wisconsin, New York, Maine, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Virginia, Hawaii, and California.

And it’s not just college courses that are being used to push the climate change agenda—kids are using the courts as well.

For example, 16 teen climate activists (ranging from 14-19 years old) are using the courts to push their agenda—supported by a well-financed Oregon law firm.

In Montana, a group of teens is suing the state for not doing anything about climate change, which they falsely claim was the cause of severe wildfires in the state.

The teen’s legal team claim that “the state’s allegiance to fossil fuel development endangers their health and livelihoods and threatens future generations.”

There have been dozens of similar cases filed across the U.S. in the last decade, but this is the first case to go to trial– every state has dismissed such lawsuits.

But are wildfires caused by climate change?

Well, no. First, according to the Nation Parks Department:

“Nearly 85% of wildland fires in the United States are caused by humans. Human-caused fires result from campfires left unattended, the burning of debris, equipment uses and malfunctions, negligently discarded cigarettes, and intentional acts of arson.

The other 15% is caused by lightning.

That’s what starts the wildfires…

But humans are creating the circumstances that make wildfires happen more frequently through mismanaging forest lands and water usage. Poor land management policies by the EPA and various state agencies have created conditions for massive fires because they won’t allow state and federal park caretakers to clear the overgrown brush— In California, they won’t even let private landowners do it on their own properties.

Most experts agree that our forests need more planned and controlled fires to get rid of the dried leaves and tinder that turn the forest floors into a tinderbox waiting to happen.

However, environmentalists have been fighting to stop these very measures in order to “preserve the forest” and “protect wildlife.” It’s because of these lawsuits, brought on by radical environmentalists, that wildfires have increased—Not because of global warming.

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