Impeachment Craziness: 3 Different Legitimate Viewpoints You Should Think About [Video]

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Impeachment … Impeachment … Impeachment…

What is right or wrong about the impeachment of President Trump is now being debated before Congress.

Here are 3 different legitimate viewpoints you should be aware of:

Viewpoint #1. The President didn’t say anything wrong in the phone call with the Ukrainian president.

This is what many honest politicians and citizens who have looked closely at the transcript of the call with the president of Ukraine say…

President Trump made no demands. He congratulated the Ukrainian president for his recent election victory.

And he made a simple request that the Ukrainian president help U.S. Attorney General William Barr – and Rudy Giuliani – with an investigation of:

  • those in Ukraine that may have been responsible for creating the false Steele Dossier
  • possible Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election
  • the reasons why Vice President Joe Biden demanded in 2014 that the Ukrainian government fire a government prosecutor who was investigating corruption inside Burisma Holdings, Ltd – a Ukrainian natural gas company in which Biden’s son Hunter was a board member
  • why Hunter Biden was being paid an outrageous monthly salary of $50,000 or more as a Burisma board member when he had no experience in natural gas production … or in any sector of the energy industry

There was no withholding of military aid until the Ukrainian government fulfilled the president’s request…

There was no “quid pro quo” – “you do something for me and in exchange, I’ll do something for you.”

There was nothing said or done or demanded or implied in the call that would constitute an impeachable offense.

This is one viewpoint…

Viewpoint #2. U.S. presidents asking for favors from foreign government leaders happens all the time … so President Trump’s requests were normal – from a historical standpoint.

Presidents asking for favors – sometimes to their political advantage – has happened since the beginning of the presidency…

President Obama did it … President Bush dd it … President Clinton did it … President Reagan did it … they all have done it.

Because President Trump did it, the socialist Democrats want to impeach him.

But asking for a favor is not an impeachable offense. It’s sad that it happens, but that’s politics.

But it’s not impeachable.

Viewpoint #3. President Trump probably made an error in judgment.

Because of the “appearance of evil” – the likelihood that his request for assistance with an investigation would appear to be a request for help in undermining one of his political opponents in the 2020 election – he should have taken the high ground…

He should not have shown an interest in investigating the corruption and wrongdoing of a previous administration … or the corruption of the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign.

You could argue the case that President Trump should have just dropped looking into Ukraine’s part in creating the phony Steele Dossier … and that he should have just dropped looking into Ukrainian government corruption in general – and the possible involvement of the Biden family in it.

In that case he made a mistake … he made an error in judgment.

Every president makes mistakes and errors in judgement.

Making a mistake is not an impeachable offense.

The impeachment mantra is all politics…

It’s dirty politics.

It creates an impossible situation for any president in the future – Republican or Democrat…

It sets a terrible precedent that as soon as something happens that the opposition political Party doesn’t like, politicians and bureaucrats can accuse the president of wrongdoing – whether it be true or simply an appearance of wrongdoing…

And they can concoct an impeachment hearing in search of an impeachable offense.

In America, it used to be that when your candidate lost an election, you waited until the next election to try to defeat the candidate who won … and to have your candidate win.

But since Donald Trump’s election, we’ve been hearing “Impeach him!” “Impeach him!” “Impeach him!” – over and over and over again from his political opponents.

And it’s quite frankly getting very tiring for everyone … even for those who hate the president.

What it’s revealing is that people are sinful, power-hungry and corrupt. Congress is corrupt. And the current impeachment process is corrupt.

Watch this video in which Tucker Carlson breaks down the real “impeachable offense” for which establishment politicians want to remove President Trump from office: he disagrees with the political establishment’s foreign policy goals with respect to Russia and Ukraine (7 ½ minutes). Click here to watch video.

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