The Huey Report: The Top 16 for 2016

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Here are the top 16 Huey Report articles from this year.

These are the articles that you must read.

These are the ones that were the most controversial.

They got the most comments or forwards.

They were the 2016 all-stars.

You won’t want to miss these!

  1. My Meeting with Trump [Video]

Check my interview on Fox News, right after meeting with Donald Trump in New York City in late June, 2016.

About 4 minutes:

Click here.

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  1. The Failures of Socialism

Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton.

Joe Biden.

All are advocating different forms of socialism.

But socialism by its very nature creates poverty, stagnation, and oppression.

  1. Socialism requires a strong …

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  1. They Called Me a Fascist! What Does That Mean?

When liberals lose the argument, they resort to name-calling.

I am sure it’s happened to you before.

One of their favorite lines is “You’re a fascist!”

That word defines someone who supports fascism.

So, what is fascism?

The media loves to equate fascism with capitalism or American conservatism.

It’s not.

Fascism is:

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  1. Exposed: Russia, Lies, and Voting Fraud [Shocking Video]

“They rigged the election to help Donald Trump win!”

This is the latest narrative from the liberal media and politicians.

The shocking thing is … there is no proof, only opinion.

They often say:

  • 17 intelligence briefings have verified this.
  • The Republicans’ emails were hacked, too, but only the Democratic emails were made public.
  • Putin and Trump are buddies.

All the above is …

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  1. Pop Star’s Take on Family All Wrong: Why Fathers Matter

“I don’t need a dude … It’s 2014!” – Katy Perry

Katy Perry.

She was a raised in a Christian home. Both of her parents are pastors.

She is one of the most successful music performers of our time, with more hit singles than many of her peers in the last ten years.

When she says that she doesn’t need a man in her life, she wasn’t talking about …

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  1. Shocker: How Cruz Beat Everyone Else, and Hillary Almost Lost: 8 Things You Should Know

The Iowa Presidential primary results are in, and they shocked the liberal media, the establishment politicians, and the candidates themselves.

The surprise: How Cruz beat everyone in the Republican field by a large majority.

Hillary almost lost to Bernie Sanders (49.9% v. 49.6%)

And another surprise: Rubio almost beat Trump (Trump: 24.39% vs. Rubio: 23.19%)

Here is what you should know:

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  1. Shocking: Socialist/Bureaucratic War on Uber and Lyft

Over the last 25 years, I’ve used a lot of taxis.

Never knowing about the driver (some horrible!), the car (some were a nightmare), and if it’s the long route or the short route (at times never).

And, I’ve also had concerns for my safety … not trusting my driver at all.

Now everyone has a choice—Uber/Lyft.

A new free …

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  1. Hurting Small Businesses, Killing Jobs vs. Wage Increases and Entrepreneurships—Best States/Worst States

The government policies of excessive taxes are killing jobs and wage increases.

Entrepreneurs also find it impossible to succeed.

That’s why so many companies leave their families and friends, and move to more business-friendly states.

States like California, with the worst business climate, loses an average of 5.5 businesses a week.

Here are the best business-friendly states:

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  1. How Millennials Are Losing … Four Roadblocks to Winning

Bad job prospects.

Insurmountable Debt.

No Dreams or Vision for Success.

Millennials are not facing the future with strong prospects of success in life.

I have five Millennials. Over 70% of their friends live with their parents, have part-time job or low-paying jobs with work unrelated to their degree.

And most have figured out ways to get multiple revenues from you, the taxpayers. Free phones, food stamps, and so much more.

Here are three big roadblocks to Millennial success:

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  1. Public/Government Transportation: Outdated and Wasteful

Government “experts” have argued for decades that public transit is the way to go.

Get people out of their cars and into government owned and operated transportation vehicles.

There is only one problem.

Most people like their independence. Take California.

Fewer people in California are …

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  1. How Conservative, Libertarian, Socialist, or Liberal are the Seven Presidential Candidates [Graph]

Here are the Presidential candidates at a glance on the left/right political spectrum.

On the far left is Communism and Socialism. On the far right is Libertarianism and no government.

In carefully reviewing each candidates’ economic and social policies, this graph shows …

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  1. Why Public School Teachers Are Pulling Their Kids Out of Public Schools

Charter Schools, private schools, Christian schools, and homeschooling are booming.


Because parents are fleeing the public, or government-run, schools.

This has been a growing trend, accelerated by …

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  1. People Are Sick and Dying Because of Government Bureaucracy

The Federal Drug Administration has prohibited promising drugs from being tested—even to the sick and dying. Because of its excessive regulations, the FDA delays and kills many new innovative cures.

The FDA also outlaws many lifesaving medical devices or delays these products from being accessible.

Because it serves as the only review agency in the United States, no amount of reforms can fix the FDA. The antiquated administration relies on …

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  1. My Emergency Meeting in Washington DC—Every 30 Minutes a Christian is Murdered

I have been asked by a coalition of Christian organizations and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) to lead an effort to save the Christians in the Middle East from genocide.

Last week Shelly and I flew to Washington DC for as special meeting in the Capitol.

In this meeting, we discussed how Christians are being discriminated against by:

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  1. Top Twelve Urgent Trump Reforms

What should be the first ten reforms by President Trump and the Republican Congress at the start of 2017?

  • The Supreme Court: Trump needs to appoint a new, strict constructionist judge to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died earlier this year.

President Obama has appointed judicial activists, judges who believe that …

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  1. Government Schools: Dumbing Down Kids, Destroying Opportunity

Under the radar of most people, public education is falling under the control of big business, well-connected contractors, and labor unions.

Not the parents, and not to help the kids.

Their interests have little to do with the best interests of the students and the parents.

Bloated bureaucracies, slanted curricula, waste, predator teachers, and disconnected school boards are creating an inadequate, slanted education.

The latest scandal?

Kids are learning …

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BONUS: Congressman: On ISIS, General, You Are Wrong [Video]


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