Gov. Mike Pence: What Readers Are Saying

Gov. Mike Pence: What Readers Are Saying

Craig Huey Culture Wars 8 Comments

Donald Trump has chosen Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana to serve as his VP.

The loud, outspoken, sometimes crass Donald Trump has chosen the calm, cool, and collected conservative Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate.

Are you surprised? I know I am!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mike Pence. When I ran for Congress in a special election in 2011, the establishment Republicans were afraid to a make a stand.

The only Congressmen who endorsed me publicly were Dana Rohrabacher, Tom McClintock … and Mike Pence.

Mike is a sold, free market advocate, strong on social issues.

What else does he bring to the Trump campaign? An outreach to conservatives, libertarians, conservative Catholics, and evangelicals.

One of the most conservative members of the House of representative during his tenure, Pence brings a sober, calm, yet a very convincing balance to the Trump ticket.

So, why did Trump pick Pence, a long-time elected officials with low name-recognition, who is hardly a flashy media type such as himself?

1. Trump wants to shore up disgruntled social conservatives who originally voted for Cruz or Walker. Pence has declared his personal as well as political convictions very clearly: “I’m a Christian first, a conservative second, and a Republican last.”

2. He wants a running mate who can work with Congress and pass an agenda

3. Pence is a governor. A lot of conservatives supported different governors throughout the Election 2016 primary process. Trump wants added executive experience on his ticket.

4. Pence represents Trump’s outreach to working and middle-class voters in the Rust Belt—Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, as well as Michigan.

5. Pence represents a symbolic victory for Trump, since that was the last state with a contested Republican primary. When Cruz lost by double-digits, he dropped out.

6. He embodies the three key legs of Reagan conservatism: pro-life and pro-family, fiscal discipline (he voted against every House budget), and a strong national defense.

Pence has a lot of great qualities about him. Here are some interest facts about the Governor of Indiana:

  1. He is an outspoken born-again Christian. He has never been shy about his faith. He frequently cites the Bible in his speeches.
  2. He has an incredible calmness and meekness about himself. After his first two campaigns for Congress failed, Pence actually penned apology letters for running a negative campaign.
  3. When he was elected to Congress, Pence stood up to the Establishment of both parties in Washington on many issues.

There are some negatives for Pence:

  1. During a tortured fight over religious liberty, Mike Pence first stood strong for protecting the religious liberties of all Hoosiers, including businesses as well as churches and charities. Sadly, as corporate pressure mounted, Pence caved and signed off on a “fix”, which basically removed the protections for businesses.
  2. He accepted the Obamacare Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, although he implemented key conservative reforms, like requiring a health savings account.

His record has impressed millions across the country. He has some negatives, but for the most part, readers across the country like Pence.

The best thing about this selection is not just if something bad happens to President Trump.

If Trump has one or two terms, Mike Pence will be the strong favorite to run for President after him. He could transform our nation for the better.

This choice is a major positive for this election. We could see 16 years of incredibly powerful improvement and growth for our country.

Now, check out your letters with your thoughts about Pence as VP:

Trumps running mate is Mike Pence. Haven’t heard of him. It said on the news he and Trump had some
disagreements but in general are in agreement. –
Angella R.

He’s a total Anti-Abortion/Planned Parenthood & Pro-Religious Liberty!! Am happier with Trump’s Choice. — Rita F.


I had been hearing all kinds of rumblings about Mike Pence on the 700 Club.  To me we dodged a bullet on this VP choice since the pro-life vote and Christian evangelicals would have been splintered on Chris Christie, Flynn, or John Kasich. I would have been happy with Dr. Ben Carson as well for the VP slot though he is more vulnerable to being treated like a kooky kind of Christian by the mindless media.

Plus while I like Newt Gingrich in many respects, I don’t think we need two candidates of the same older age bracket. Mike Pence is in his fifties and looks young even with all that white hair. Makes a difference for many people. Plus Newt does have a bad divorce on his record and something of a scandal in regard to the way he treated his wife. That would have been rehearsed in the media over and over. – Anne

Mike Pence



“Thank you!” for your continued messages, I sincerely do appreciate receiving them. Well, Trump has made his decision. Mike Pence. I pray our heavenly Father has heard my prayers, we need to get America back to its Judaeo Christian roots. And Mike Pence is an evangelical Christian. God bless you. In His Name:  — Lenore P.

We watched Hannity’s interview with Mike Pence tonight and were extremely impressed with his responses to some difficult questions.  Glad to say that Pence passed our scrutiny although we knew very little about him before tonight.

Trump obviously made a thoughtful and wise choice, not only for himself, but for all of America and our future.  — 
Kitty G.

I am on MoveOn’s mailing list because it is a way to know what the enemy is up to. I just received the message below today from MoveOn. If the Left is so in the tank against Mike Pence, who can imagine a better recommendation for him AND Trump. The Leftroids are running scared. Watch them pull all stops in an effort to destroy Trump & Co. But Pence, like Trump, is sounding more and more like what Conservatives want to hear, if you use the hatred stirred up by him regarding abortion, etc. Lovely…

Note also that is a George Soros operation and the last I heard, he’d spend more than $30 Million Buckaroos in actions against Republicans and Conservatives. And they want to force Trump to spend more money? Ha! — Bob L.


After listening to Mr. Pence on Hannity last night, and at the formal Vice President announcement today I am pleased with Mike Pence as GOP VP! Hearing his record, listening to him speak, and answer questions he is very thoughtful, articulate, and exudes a confidence that most definitely compliments the Donald! They are a winning team! Pence’s record for Indiana is exemplary! Let us hope all top Republicans of the party will feel more at ease and confident with the addition of Mr. Pence to the Trump ticket! I know I do! All GOP leaders need to get on board. Jeb Bush too! He needs to keep all his negativity to himself as well as all the other nay-sayers. I have cringed a time or two when the Donald talks, although, it goes with the territory. He does not hold back for sure which is great most of the time. We need huge change and that is actually what this team wants to do for the United States! – Pamela

Let me know what you think of Mike Pence as Trump’s VP. Email me at

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  1. He sounds good, but religion does not belong in politic. The people that hide behind religion are the worst criminals in the political field. Not saying you are one of them, but I am sick of the two face antics from the republicans and democrats with the religion bit. Just do the job you are supposed to do for the people not for self gain. No church in America should preach politics and who to vote for unless they want to start paying taxes like the rest of us. I hope Trump is supported by the other republicans, he has pulled their dysfunctional, greedy covers and I hope what he says he plans to do is supported by the republicans that have been stealing and cheating the people of America.

    1. – I agree, send this to Dyson!I Dyson’d our house today. I just love vacuuming! No, really, I do! I love seeing all the gunk it accumulates. Makes me feel productive.September 29, 2008 – 8:31 pm

    2. Oh dear, I double-posted, my apologies!The WoW post made me tear up too. I’m sad that people get so self-absorbed in the game and then belittle everyone around them when they make the slightest mistake (or even big ones). :/

  2. I believe GOD’s involved, He helped, guided and leaded Trump in choosing Pence. And I believe too that the Body of Christ daily seeks the heart of mind in this very very crucial time of the nation, and her role in the entire wold, to have this Team. God’s mercy n grace to our nation and our team TRUMP/Pence 2016!

  3. Hello Frances, Please know that your view, or any view is much appreciated, and I’m hopeful that other people respect and appreciate views coming from different perspectives, as this time mine happens to be. Unfortunately, I think one of the more recent trends has America in an ideologically polarized and crippling state of affairs, and conversation with debate is becoming obsolete withou some form of ridicule or negative consequence. In regard to your expressing that pastors should not have a say from the pulpit, here are my thoughts why I disagree. A typical pastor in our country is an American and they should never be forced to sacrifice their constitutional right to speak freely. As a Christian, a pastor’s God-given calling, talent and gift is to teach and spread the good news of the Holy Bible, the living word of Christ. All other religions likewise from their religious leaders, and without discrimination, providing they are not suppressing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…all constitutional rights encompass these three dictates. A religious leader should never have to forfeit his freedom of speech, much less any freedoms rightfully bound to his/her citizenship. There is freedom with an open door policy of any and all congregants or visitors to come or go as a person so chooses. A pastor must be freely able to teach the historically written gospel without fear of political or governmental interference, hence, loss of freedom. The very foundation of our country. “Of and for the people”. Not for the government. No taxation for speech. No taxation for helping the needy. As for the corrupt charlatans, let’s begin with our corrupt public servants, set the example, and find the loopholes used against law abiding citizens. Get decent laws back allowing freedom of speech! Expose all the real crooks, religious or not. They deserve punishment for their deceiptful schemes.

  4. Dear Frances,

    Religion may not belong in politics in honor of separation of church and state. However, God definitely belongs in the politics of the United States of America (One Nation Under God). I think we can all agree that God is not approving the killing of innocent unborn children. In fact, I feel certain he is quite broken hearted. As Catholic Christians, we cannot vote for Hillary Clinton.

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