Stop Voter Fraud Now: Demand All 50 States Must Require Voter ID [Sign Our Petition]

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Voter fraud is a very dangerous reality in the United States today.

That’s why we have a voter ID petition to put pressure on state and national leaders, and media, to act.

Voter ID will make it nearly impossible to commit voter fraud.

Without voter ID, there are multiple ways to commit fraud. [Click HERE to sign].

For example, duplicate voter registration and “dead voters” have an impact on our elections. Votes are tweaked and manipulated by double registrations and people who vote for the deceased.

Ballot harvesting in the 30 states where it’s legal leads to fraud and corrupted elections.

And without voter ID, illegal ballot harvesting can happen and nobody would be able to notice or verify that fraud took place.

Voter fraud makes a mockery of your right to choose a candidate who will uphold your principles and beliefs.

The best solution to voter fraud is stricter voter ID laws.

Showing proof of voter eligibility with a voter ID does not deny a person the right to vote, nor does it discriminate against any person.

Right now:

  • 34% of states have no voter ID requirement.
  • 24% have non-strict, non-photo voter ID laws.
  • 20% have non-strict, photo voter ID laws.
  • 6% have strict, non-photo ID laws.
  • Only 16% have strict photo ID laws.

Protecting the integrity of our electoral process is essential to having a viable Republic.

We need to demand that all voters must present valid photo identification at polls in all the 50 states.

Together, let’s STOP Voter Fraud in this nation.

Make your voice heard and urge your state legislature – and Congress – to enact strict voter ID laws.

Sign the petition by clicking HERE.

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  1. I have to show my ID when I cash a check or return an item to Wal-Mart. This is nothing compared to the power if what my vote should mean if it is NOT STOLEN. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE TO SHOW AN ID TO VOTE,

  2. It may not be applicable, but 1619 is the date of the first legislative body in the colonies in Virginia. It was one body that in 1643 was increased to an upper house provided by the King’s governor appointees. The English king stopped self-government. It was in 1776 that a decision was made to live without a king and as adults guide ourselves, The churches were turning to adult decisions leading to baptism and rebirth through the earlier Great Awakening. Congress called for new constitutions to guide us and the Commonwealth constitution of Virginia was first. The Commonwealth Constitutions of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania followed the authors of these state constitutions, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin were on the Committee that wrote the Declaration of Independnece creating the new man or commonwealthman.

  3. Because of cheating with the ballots, we have a President that I am embarrassed to say is our president.. He is just a puppet and is not for the people. He is not qualified with his current health status and lack of coherence to run this country. Neither is Kamala Harris. They care nothing about our border crisis. Our need for the pipeline. Our relations with Israel. Our economy. TRUMP GOT THINGS DONE. HE IS A PATROIT. I DON’T CARE THAT HIS PERSONALITY OFFENDS SOME OR HIS PAST . WE LIVE IN THE NOW. IF HE RUNS IN 2024. I WILL VOTE FOR.HIM.

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