Under the Radar Insanity: Disgraced and Corrupt FBI Leader Rewarded by Biden and the Department of Justice for His Lawlessness – It is Political Corruption at It’s Worst

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President Biden’s Department of Justice just gave corrupt former FBI leader Andy McCabe an unofficial and undeserved “pardon.”

Andy McCabe abused his FBI leadership role. He used the FBI as a political weapon to crush President Trump and his policies before he was President…and after.

He was a key player in the DOJ/FBI Deep State assault that destroyed so many lives in the now-proven false “Russia-gate” phony conspiracy.

He lied under oath three times according to the Inspector General.

He should have gone to jail. But the FBI was protecting its own.

  • Andrew McCabe was the number two man at the FBI during the years disgraced former Director James Comey was in charge.
  • He was a critical part of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation targeting the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.
  • He took part in the FBI’s misrepresentations to a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) when it wrongly wiretapped former campaign aide Carter Page.
  • He was found by the Justice Department’s own Inspector General to have lied repeatedly to investigators looking into his leaks to the media during the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Now, the Biden DOJ has reversed McCabe’s light, slap-on-the-wrist punishment.

He initially lost his annual pension that was around $57,108. It was just given back to him.

But that’s not all. He got $200,000 in back pay.

But wait…there’s more.

He gets $500,000 in attorney fees paid.

He should have lost all of this.

In fact – he should be in jail.

The most outrageous part is the Justice Department’s decision to remove McCabe’s firing from his FBI record – expunging his record.

He faces no consequences for one of the great fraud cases in American history.

The Department of Justice once again demonstrates that it’s at war with integrity, honesty, and true justice.

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