Your Tax Money Used Against You, Your Family and Freedom: How the Socialist Bureaucrats are Transforming America Culture and Politics [2 Disturbing Facts You Should Know]

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The Washington D.C. bureaucracy is using your tax money to help transform culture and politics into a radical, pro-socialist society.

They do this in a variety of ways.

Here are two disturbing facts you need to know:

Disturbing Fact #1: Your tax money is sometimes going directly to radical “non-profit” politically-biased groups for transforming America based on politics.

This type of use of taxpayer money is used in these common ways:

  • Giving tax money to a nonprofit radical organization…a very common occurrence. Community health centers and ethnic community non-profits are also examples.
  • Using tax money to train, educate and advocate political action among groups, unions and corporations…often Critical Race Theory (CRT).
  • Using taxpayers’ money to selectively fund non-profit voter registration drives in only areas or communities likely favorable to their radical, socialist ideology.
  • Using taxpayers’ money to promote political ideas sponsored by government agencies or social media, digital media, podcasts, radio and TV.

Disturbing Fact #2: Your tax money is now being spent on regulatory government agencies that are pushing a political agenda.

Throughout the bureaucracy, the radical, pro-socialist, pro-secular, anti-freedom, anti-Christian bureaucrats use regulations – not legislation – to achieve their ideological objectives.

Instead of Congress passing legislation, regulators create legislation.

This is using your tax money to help them achieve political goals – and what really is partisan politics – instead of serving the public.

Instead of the government bureaucracy being politically neutral and serving the public, it’s a tool for political partisanship.

Here’s an example. This tweet was created, paid for, and delivered by the Department of Transportation:

It’s a clear political message proclaiming the benefits not only of the Biden administration, but positively promoting the Build Back Better Act that has not yet become law – if it ever will.

Not that this tweet is aimed at millennials.

This misuse of taxpayers’ money was often done under President Obama’s bureaucracy, and now is being continued in a massive, blatant way under President Biden’s bureaucracy.

What do you think about this tweet and the use of taxpayers’ money for partisan political activity?

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