Hate Merchants: 10 Shocking Things You Need to Know About the Source of Media Lies [Video]

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Evil intent can hide behind the most trusted name or organization.

But in the case of the Southern Poverty Law Center, it can’t hide its evil intent anymore. As for being trusted, it lost that years ago.

There are 10 shocking things you need to know about this non-profit group that has lost its way since being created in 1971 to fight for civil rights.

The SPLC has devolved from an organization that once combatted real hate groups such as the KKK, to now falsely classifying people like Ben Carson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and conservative author/speaker Dinesh D’Souza.

And just as bad, legitimate conservative and Christian groups like the Pacific Justice Institute, the Family Research Council, James Kennedy Ministries and writer David Horowitz.

It has also sided against anti-radical Muslims such as Majiid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Their “crime”? Speaking out against Muslim extremists.

Why are they put alongside the KKK, Neo-Nazis and white nationalists?

Just last week, when his civil rights group, the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), wound up on the SPLC’s “Hate Group List,” its founder and president, Brad Dacus, described the SPLC best when he said:

“The SPLC is an extremist organization that creates vitriol and division instead of tolerance, dialogue, and understanding by attacking non-profit organizations like PJI for helping to defend those who cannot defend themselves.  Further, in recent years, SPLC has created an enemies list which include nonviolent and law-abiding individuals and organizations who, as a matter of conscience, simply promote biblical values on sexual ethics.”

What the SPLC does is wrong and totally unethical.

Here are 10 important facts you should know about the Southern Poverty Law Center:

No. 1: The SPLC is the No. 1 “Hate” Group in America.

Yes, the SPLC is the biggest “hate group” of all. It manufactures hate. It sits in a powerful, national position as judge, jury and executioner, selecting what’s a “hate” group in America. Basically, it hates any group that doesn’t abide by its extreme progressive ideology.

The SPLC doesn’t defend freedom. It tries to silence groups that interfere with progressivism. Even biblical-based charities around the country have found themselves victims of SPLC’s convenient “Hate Group List.” If you speak for family values, you’re a “hate” group. If you say anything like “I support the biblical view that marriage is between a man and a woman,” you’re a “hate” group.

Let’s be real. The SPLC is a “hate” group masquerading as a non-profit civil rights charity.

No. 2: The SPLC Is the Go-To Source for the Media on “Hate” Groups.

Under a false veneer of objectivity, the SPLC has served as the media’s expert witness for evaluating “extremism” and “hate.” If the SPLC adds another name to its “Hate Group List,” the media comes running for another salacious story. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and more media are unethically telling viewers that solid groups like the Family Research Council and David Horowitz are “hate” groups.

They don’t really care if that is not true. It fits the progressive media’s narrative. They just need a source to back them up. Enter the SPLC. The media hate, distort and like nothing better than to bash Christians and conservatives, and their causes, and they have an ally in the SPLC as a “legitimate source.”

If only those in the media would do a little homework and research the SPLC, they would quickly understand it’s a money-making sheep in wolves clothing. The media needs to stop undermining its credibility by quoting discredited, corrupt, biased groups like SPLC. Its sources should be credible, and the SPLC is not credible by any stretch of the imagination.

No. 3: The SPLC Targets Conservative and Christian Groups.

Conservatives such as authors Dinesh D’Souza, David Horowitz, Charles Murray, and others are in the SPLC crosshairs. ACT for America, which opposes radical Islam and sharia law, is on the list.

Christian groups that believe in a Bible worldview are being slandered with lies and falsehoods. Is the Family Research Council a “hate” group? Is the Pacific Judicial Institute a “hate” group? Is the Alliance Defending Freedom a “hate” group? Are any of these people and groups “hate” groups? In all cases, the answer is absolutely not. The FRC promotes family values to those in Washington, D.C. The PJI defends religious Liberty and goes to bat for people who have no voice, as does the Alliance Defending Freedom.

No. 4: The SPLC’s ‘Hate Group List’ Sparks Violence.

False labels not only hurt a group and its leaders’ reputation, it can spark crazy violence. A liberal activist who shot up Tony Perkins’ FRC offices told the FBI he picked his target from the SPLC’s website. The SPLC recently found itself in the awkward position of having to disavow the man who opened fire on Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice. Why? Because the man who opened fire identified the SPLC as one of the groups he “liked” on Facebook.

No. 5: The SPLC is a Huge Money-making Operation.

The SPLC is worth well over $300 million, and as a charity gets terrible ratings. Charity Navigator gave it a “Poor” rating. It keeps twice as much as it gives back.  The group uses exaggeration and fear-mongering to line its pockets. You need to ask, where does all this money go?

No. 6: The SPLC Has a Secret Bank Account in the Cayman Islands.

Obviously, the account is not a secret, except they never mention it openly. How much money is stockpiled in the account? And why does a non-profit, tax-exempt charity need an offshore bank account? Do perspective donators ask this question before writing out a check?

No. 7: The SPLC Has Turned Hate Into a Growth Industry.

The SPLC uses exaggeration and fear-mongering to make hate a growth industry, amassing millions of dollars by fundraising against “hate.” Need money? Attack every group under the sun, particularly conservative and Christian organizations.

No. 8: The SPLC Loves Gullible People and Organizations for Donations.

Why check up on the SPLC? If they did, George and Amal Clooney would think twice about recently giving a $1 million check to these hucksters. If it did, maybe Apple wouldn’t have given the SPLC a $1 million check, either. They may think they are fighting racism and white supremacists, but primarily they are bankrolling a progressive ideology. Their mantra is don’t let facts get in the way of a good narrative.

No. 9: The SPLC Has Lost All Credibility.

Even the FBI deleted the SPLC from its website’s list of legitimate resources on hate crimes. Members of the Left have attacked the SPLC as a sham, still feeding off the trough of civil rights. It’s founder, Dees, has been labeled a “millionaire huckster” by none other than the far-left Nation magazine.

No. 10: There’s a Day of Reckoning for the SPLC.

Groups are fighting back. Being listed as a “hate” group has prompted the D. James Kennedy Ministries to file a lawsuit against SPLC, alleging it is “willfully deceitful” and for creating “false information that libels the ministry’s reputation.”

The SPLC has a lot to answer for. This is just the start.

Brad Dacus takes on the SPLC’s false labeling in this powerful 3-minute video:

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